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For all your general chit chat, caching or not.
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Post by Wingaap » 23 May 06 1:23 pm geocaching name is Wingaap...and it is really Wing aap not Win gaap as some may think. I think the second idea may have come into being as a majority of my caches are in The Gap area of Brisbane.

How did it come about? As I enjoy trying many new & different things and have a habit of venturing in without being fully prepared my friends often stated that I must get by on a Wing And A Prayer. This somehow became shortened and my nickname ended up being Wingaap.
However most days it gets 'shortened' to Wingy.

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400 or more spectacular views seen
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Post by Udderchaos » 23 May 06 1:47 pm

team name UdderChaos. (formerly Andrew&Leesa)

we are not really just Andrew & Leesa as boys (6&3) are always with us + sometimes another couple as well.
Udder is refering to the cow mascot (yet to be sorted out as we just changed names) as Leesa likes cows.
Chaos, well if you have been caching with us with the kids it will all make sense

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Post by tank47 » 23 May 06 5:40 pm

My scouting name was Tank had since I was 14 years old. Tried to register Tank on the internet, but was already taken added 47 to it have had to resort to 1947 at times. 47 is year of birth, hence Tank47, it is the registration of my Red Nissan Patrol. Whenever we go 4WDing my call sign on the UHF radio is Tank.
My Avatar is a shirt logo we used on a trip in 2003.

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2700 or more caches found
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Post by rhinogeo » 23 May 06 6:11 pm

<p>I got the nickname <b>Rhino</b> at uni (due to the mystical power of my least that's <i>my</i> reason :twisted: )</p>

<p><b>Geo</b> from being a Geological Engineer...I already had Rhinogeo as username on other sites and it fit perfectly for GeoCaching 8) </p>

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Team Wibble
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2100 or more geocaches found
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Post by Team Wibble » 23 May 06 7:28 pm

Team Wibble came from an obscure Blackadder reference.
So obscure, no-one seems to get it....
Oh well, can't change it now (haven't come up with anything better anyway!)

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Post by Bunya » 23 May 06 7:48 pm

Bunya - the possum - is the “sky creatureÂâ€

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450 or more roots tripped over
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Post by Mix » 23 May 06 7:56 pm

Team Wibble wrote:Team Wibble came from an obscure Blackadder reference.
So obscure, no-one seems to get it....
Oh well, can't change it now (haven't come up with anything better anyway!)

Blackadda, with underpants on his head and a pendil up each nostril is trying to prove he is mad to get out of the war.

George: "What is your name?"
Blackadder: "Wibble."
G: "What is 2 plus 2?"
B: "Wibble, Wibble."

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user names

Post by If » 23 May 06 10:47 pm

My geocaching username is just my initials. I have been known as If or Iffy for so long now that no one (including myself) actually remembers my real name anymore. A recent survey of work colleagues came up with only one person (the rostering clerk) who actually knew my last name :D

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Post by Suitman » 24 May 06 9:18 am

My geocaching name comes from my company's name. SUIT Systems Pty. Ltd. - SUIT (as in "Bag of fruit") stands for Set Up, Install and Train - anything related to computer systems (and boy, do those computers take a lot of training! :wink: )

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Spruce Mooses
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Post by Spruce Mooses » 24 May 06 12:21 pm

We couldn't work out whose name to put first in a combined caching name (adam&shelly or shelly&adam), so we went for the obscure simpsons reference instead.

Episode - $pringfield (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)

Quote - [Mr. Burns hold a model airplane]
Burns: Smithers, I've designed a new plane. I call it the "Spruce
Moose", and it will carry two hundred passengers from New
York's Idyllwild Airport to the Belgian Congo in seventeen
Smithers: That's quite a nice model, sir.
Burns: Model?

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1000 or more caches found
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Post by edmil » 24 May 06 3:50 pm

edmil is a combination of my first, second name and surname. Usually I cache with partner Maddie who wants to be included in name but I just haven't got round to it yet. Logs just signed edmil & Maddie at this stage.

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Post by Dik: » 24 May 06 6:49 pm

Dik goes back to Space Invaders, remember that?, where you got to put 3 initials in the high score list, and it's just an abbreviated spelling of Dick, a common nickname for Richard.
I have never used the Dick spelling, at work I am Richard, to my mates I am Dik.

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Post by Lightswitch79 » 24 May 06 11:44 pm

Mine is easy.

I've used Lightswitch or variations of it for years. Came from what I was looking at when I was stuggling to come up with a name; a lightswitch.

Its kind of ironic really, now I programm lighting systems

The Coffee's
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Post by The Coffee's » 25 May 06 11:39 pm

Many many years working in Hotels including crazy hours of working until 6am saw me develop a passion for coffee. During this time I searched for the perfect coffee and a obsession was born. Since that time I have studied growing, roasting, grinding, barista and making the perfect espresso. during my certificate 4 in workplace assesment and training I modelled my asignments on a cappucinno and developed a portion breakdown recipe standard for all types of coffee from a commercial machine. I have a commercial machine in my home and I have been known to drink up to 30 coffee's in a day, and No I dont have any trouble sleeping. Over the years my friends referred to me as Mr.Coffee and it seemed fitting to use this name for geocaching. The Clan add on was from a post by Biggles Bear who wrote "Coffee Clan" in his post and I decided to add this to include the family. My Regards and the sign off sentence was started when I forgot once to add a note to my log and I could not be bothered re-writing the log so I added the "xtra" section to the finish. since then I enjoy adding a final sign of to our logs.<p>
Regards Mr.Coffee and the "Page Breaks would make this easier to read" Clan.

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10000 or more caches found
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Post by maccamob » 26 May 06 1:31 am

Ours came from our original email address waay back. We were only allowed one address then, and it had to make do for the whole family, so the collective 'mob' was added to our abbreviated family name. The kids have long since moved out, but the name remains.

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