Which software do you use to manage your waypoints?

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Which software do you use to manage your waypoints?

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Magellan MapSend
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Garmin MapSource
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Multiple (please add a reply to specify which ones)
Other (please add a reply to tell us which software)
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250 or more caches found
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Which software do you use to manage your waypoints?

Post by leek » 09 April 03 1:26 am

Once again, just curious which software people use to manage their waypoints (both from geocaching.com and other sources)...

If I've missed anything, please let me know in a reply...

Personally, I use CacheMonkey (to download the cache list), then export to EasyGPS format, and upload from EasyGPS to my Magellan GPS...
I then download to MapSend to see the waypoints on the map...

Hopefully, the new version of CacheMonkey will eliminate the need for EasyGPS by uploading waypoints directly to the Magellan GPS...

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Post by Team Piggy » 09 April 03 1:40 am

Autocache to Download and work with, as well as Ozi to work them over before sending to the GPS's.

Team Frogger
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Post by Team Frogger » 09 April 03 4:12 am

CacheMonkey to download
export to EasyGPS for management
Export to Ozi for mapping

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It's all in how you get there....
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Waypoint management

Post by swampgecko » 09 April 03 7:29 am

I use Easygps, Garmin and Cache Monkey.

Easygps - only if I am downloading just a couple of waypoints from 1 page.
Cache Monkey - For when I do a total update.

Garmin Mapsource is where I plot everything.

But I have found with Mapsource that with cut and paste of the co-ords, when I saved the map I was working on, the co-ords would change for some reason. I would have to go back and update them and then they would be ok. Now I just do a download via cache monkey, upload straight to my GPS then ldownload back into Mapsource. a roundabout way of doing it, but it works.

The second biggest drawback with Mapsource is that the map for Australia is very inaccurate.

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Post by ideology » 09 April 03 8:21 am

we use geology, a home-grown web application that links to the geocaching australia database of coords, maps, etc. it produces files of various formats using GPSBabel which we download to our GPS. geology is on the list to incorporate into geocaching australia at some stage, but there's lots to do before that.

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Post by Biggles Bear » 09 April 03 8:24 am

Being subscribers we get our waypoints emailed to us once a week. Then we use Easy GPS and Mapsend to manage them.

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400 or more spectacular views seen
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Post by embi » 09 April 03 11:07 am

Autocache, as well as Ozi to send to the GPS's.

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Post by maccamob » 09 April 03 11:51 am

We use Autocache to download, Ozi as the GPSr interface and often CacheMonkey to sort the waypoints by distance, difficulty etc.

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Post by Papa Bear_Left » 09 April 03 12:52 pm

I have the NSW database and the last week's new caches sent to me by GC.com on Fridays, more as backup on my PDA than anything else.<p>

Having found a cache I'm interested in, I use Geoclipping to put the description into a memo on my Palm (or use iSilo to grab the page as html if it's complicated or long) and Cacheway at Cheatisearch to put a location map onto the Palm (usually in FireViewer, sometimes as raw GIF)<p>

I find the Planner here great for looking for nearby sites, just in case we trip over the first one wasily and have some spare hunting time!<p>

GPScalc on the Palm handles lat/long to UTM calculation if we need to look up a waypoint in the Sydways, although I could also do it online (but slower than the manual method!)<p>

EasyGPS is OK to download to the eTrex, as we don't do anything fancy in the GPSr itself, just follow the arrow!
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Post by Horus » 09 April 03 1:24 pm

Autocache to grab cache info, then OziExplorer for everything else.

pyrenees kid
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Post by pyrenees kid » 09 April 03 6:35 pm

Horus wrote:Autocache to grab cache info, then OziExplorer for everything else.
Yeah me too! :) :)

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It's the journey.
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Post by riblit » 09 April 03 11:08 pm

Cachemonkey to download and Oziexplorer to see where they all are.

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Post by Slider & Smurf » 12 April 03 12:43 am

Autocache to generate txt files of cache pages to carry on my PDA, Cachemonkey to manage the waypoints themselves and Ozi to display the waypoints on a map and upload them to our GPS12. But you only let me vote for one program!!

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250 or more caches found
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Post by LazyLeopard » 12 April 03 1:42 am

EasyGPS to look after the PocketQuery files, Garmin MapSource for other stuff, and GPS Utility if waypoints need placing on a bitmap....

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650 or more caches found
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Post by Team GeoCoopers » 06 May 03 6:38 pm

Always been using Autocache and Ozi.

<p>But Geocaching.com has decided to give me two user names. TeamGeoCoopers and Team GeoCoopers :(

<p>See my post as the geocaching.com forum
<br>http://ubbx.groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=t ... m=41360535

<p>So the inside corner stats page and autocache give half my info on each of the two usernames.

<p>So I've recently started using Cachemonkey but that doesn't keep a copy of the cache notes and cache logs on file for when I'm out in the feild.

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