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Post by Barny » 30 November 03 6:26 pm

Image <br><br>

Het volgende bericht hebben we zojuist geplaatst op de pagina van SA Cachers Spring "Cache-opoly" 2003<br><br>

Hi everyone that is joining this event.<br>

If everything has gone the way that it is planned, Haggis has suprised you all with a bag full of Travelbugs.<br>
He was so kind to help us in our Travelbugrace.<br>
These bugs are from 20 teams from the Netherlands, and they are participating in the First Dutch Travelbugrace. <br>The first bug that makes his way back to the Netherlands is the winner. <br>We in Holland are following the race by the forum and on special pages. <br>There are just a few rules.
The TB has to be placed in at least 5 caches by 5 different geocachers, and in 1 other country than Australia and Netherland.<br>
The TB may not be posted directly back to Holland. <br>
The geocacher that grabbes the TB must also be the one that puts it in the next cache.<br>

We hope that you will all help our Travelbugs to race back to Holland as soon as possible and that you will enjoy and maybe follow the race at<br>
Greetings team Biertjuh (Ruud and Marja) for this occasion also known as Bugrace2003

500 or more caches logged
500 or more caches logged
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Post by SNIFTER » 01 December 03 2:01 pm

I hope the 2 Dogs get hold of one of the TB's in the race.
Good luck sound great.

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How about it.

Post by Bronze » 03 December 03 11:19 pm

I'd like to see Oz cacher get into somthing like this. Sponsor a bug and see if it comes back to your cache. Would be great to follow. If I get some time Jan 2003 I'll see how many Oz-cachers are interested. Buying US bugs and caching them here would be a cheaper option than posting them.

What do you think?

The Bronze.

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400 or more spectacular views seen
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Post by gunnell&pandaabear » 03 December 03 11:23 pm


I was at the Adelaide event last weekend and am happy to report that all the bugs have got off the starting blocks,

You should see some activity soon.

Great idea.

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Post by Team Piggy » 03 December 03 11:23 pm

Probably has very small percentages of actually getting to the cache in question.
Most bugs seem to go around in small circles, some get lucky and actually leave the country.
It may work, may not.. :?

500 or more caches logged
500 or more caches logged
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Post by SNIFTER » 03 December 03 11:49 pm

Just got to hope that some of the SA cachers are comming NSW way during the Christmas holidays.

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Post by Freddo » 05 December 03 1:32 pm

bug homesick has started off on the left foot. he has headed down to Tas. hopefully he will get a ride with a tourist to the northern hemisphere.

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Post by ToolkiT » 05 December 03 2:10 pm

I hope I run into one of these bugs before march since I'll be heading to Holland in March...

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