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Your cache found number

Posted: 12 October 03 6:03 pm
by aandm
I was just wondering who in Australia has found the most caches? If you don't mind bragging and telling us your secret, let us know. It would be interesting to see who has the most per state. Unfortunately we are still working towards our 100th find, but we have passed the 50 mark :)

Posted: 12 October 03 6:27 pm
by swampgecko
Can tell you this with out too much effort

Tangles is the leader on 572 and climbing...

I am only on a measly 152.... but I am getting there

Posted: 12 October 03 7:17 pm
by Team Piggy
Buhh bahh.. I think maccamob have creamed everyone, currently sitting on: Found: 737. :shock:

what about maccamob?`

Posted: 12 October 03 7:23 pm
by Pesky!
Don't forget about Maccamob, they must be close to, if not ahead of Tangles. Although i havent checked recently, does anyone generate up to date stats anymore?

for my part I was sure i would have passed the 250 count with my latest foray of 42/45 caches found, but my count seems to be less than when i left home?
My whole cache count is 238 ( wierd) this includes virtuals, and locationless, that arent counted on the GC website. but the tally on is 219 ( which is less than when i posted 45 recent hits and misses... intresting

does remove counts for caches that get archived?

Posted: 12 October 03 9:03 pm
by maccamob
Don't know about 'secrets' - I think a bit of practice has certainly helped us though. Mary & I are fortunate enough now to have plenty of opportunities to practice, and lots of spare time to do it in.

Posted: 12 October 03 10:15 pm
Maccamob are the tops in Australia and therefore in Victoria as well. Tangles is tops in NSW.
The 2 Dogs have found over 300.
How did we do it?
Lots of Time, Money(we have placed over 100 caches and that equals 100 containers 100 log books 100 pens aprox 600x$2+ items.....who's counting) and the determination to just get there.
Unlike Maccamob we are still on the employment list but we do have jobs that allow us to get out and about.
We don't cache on weekends but have been known to do the odd night time visit.
We even bought a 4x4 to help with the hobby like a few others out there.
I think I know most of the $2 shops located in a 100km radius from our home :lol:
We will keep on caching for as long as it takes to find all the ones we want to find.

Posted: 23 October 03 3:40 pm
by The Spindoctors
I've noticed that some people have stars and a line saying how many cahes they have found. How do you get this to function?

Posted: 04 November 03 7:14 pm
by Manta
Just clocked my 130th find and hope to get 150 within the next month or so, though I tend to procrastinate in the warmer months, prefering only to log caches within 10 metres of my pool!
Being a shift worker really helps as most spots that are heavily populated on weekends are very accessible during the week or at 2.00am on the way home from work.

Posted: 04 November 03 7:52 pm
by maccamob
Spindoc Bob wrote:I've noticed that some people have stars and a line saying how many caches they have found. How do you get this to function?
"Bragging Stars" aren't a user function. Let Pyrenees Kid know your score here ( ... sc&start=0) and he will add them for you.

Posted: 04 November 03 8:03 pm
by swampgecko
maccamob wrote:"Bragging Stars" aren't a user function. Let Pyrenees Kid know your score here ( ... sc&start=0) and he will add them for you.
SCORE???? Everyone knows that Geocaching is not a contest....Jemery has stated this before in the secondary site forums...... it is your tally of finds :wink:

Posted: 04 November 03 8:26 pm
by maccamob
swampgecko wrote: ... it is your tally of finds :wink:
Ooops! Of course, you are absolutely correct. Put my faux pas down to the after-effects of Cup Day. :roll:

Posted: 15 November 06 6:44 pm
by Rabbitto
Change your vote anyone?

Posted: 15 November 06 7:13 pm
by Damo.
LOL Funny thread to dredge up!

Posted: 15 November 06 7:44 pm
by GIN51E
I'm looking and reading and trying to work out what was going on as many of the stats stated are very very wrong, ahhhhh then i noticed the date of the posts :lol: some people have come a very long way but then again sadly some cachers haven't moved much at all.
It would be a couple of years after this thread started till i found my first cache.

But sure you can try and boost yourself up by saying how many you have found but I'd rather look at another statistic

I'm only 25.71% Geek :D according to my stats pack in my GCA profile.

Posted: 15 November 06 9:00 pm
by acts2youthgroup
This will reveal all.