How to Pronounce Cache

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How Do You Pronounce Cache?

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Post by Damo. » 10 September 05 12:58 pm

Pronouncing it Cashing is clearly UnAustralian.

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Post by Geodes » 10 September 05 3:19 pm

It's a commonly used term in IT circles and, in Australia, is pronounced kaysh.

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Team Red Roo
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Post by Team Red Roo » 10 September 05 8:35 pm

team unicycle wrote:Polling on this question just goes to show that in Geocaching, as in politics, the majority can be wrong :twisted:
Hmm - seems to me that majorities are used to set standards and standards become the 'right way' of doing or saying things, so as one of the majority who has helped to set the standard here, you have me wondering how a majority can be wrong. :roll:

I may just put it in the too hard basket and go cayshing instead! :D

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Post by Zytheran » 10 September 05 9:24 pm

Well let's face it, most of the readers in this forum probably say 'grass' sounding like 'gas'.
Whereas every civilised person knows it's pronounced with a long a as in ah. :twisted:

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Post by SNIFTER » 10 September 05 10:51 pm

I would call it weed. :D

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Post by arthurking83 » 10 September 05 11:42 pm

I would have called it Lawn.........
It should be (correctly) pronounced (Gr)arse!

Speaking of weed........, I gotta get out in the yard with some Roundup 8)

Jessica (Mama Bear Left)
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Post by Jessica (Mama Bear Left) » 11 September 05 12:08 am

Sorry to have to point it out, but the person who set up this little poll has stuffed up. The common Aus pronunciation of the word "cache" is "caysh". So none of the three choices available are correct common usage.
I am a trained editor. I hate to tell you this GIN-thungamy, but the thing about live languages is that they are constantly in flux, so things like grammar and pronunciation that you may have been given very strict rules about at school are actually changing all the time. If you want to communicate with others using their lingo, you can't get on your high horse and tell them how it's done because in fact they have the right to modify it into a local dialect if they so wish, and by that dialect you will be wrong and they will be right.

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Post by edmil » 11 September 05 8:19 am

Have to agree with Mrs Bear left about Poll. There can be only one answer to this Poll as it currently stands. The question asks how you pronounce cache not how you pronounce the activity of caching. As it stands option three is only choice that responds to the question.

Cache (Kash) is from French for hiding place taken from cacher meaning to hide
related is
Cachet (Kasha) also from French is a seal or stamp or a hollow wafer forming a capsule in which bad tasting medicine is enclosed. Source: MacMillan contemporary dictionary

Cachet is pronounced the same way as Sachet, which is normally sashay unless you hard pronounce the 'chet' i.e ch as it cheep and et as in etiquette.

Just for the record I work for Kash I look for a kaysh mind you I would also like to go out searching for Kash and be rewarded with the same level of finds.

Therefore, I do Kayshing and enjoy Kashing in on the fun.

Thought I would throw this in - Enjoy the thread.
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Jessica (Mama Bear Left)
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800 or more hollow logs searched
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Post by Jessica (Mama Bear Left) » 11 September 05 10:37 am

I would like to propose that we Australia geocachers have almost a duty to defend our dialect by developing it into more of a culture. We have a number of colourful terms and phrases eg "haystacking." We have the "satelite-worshipping pose." Where are our secret handshakes, our rituals, our initiation processes, and the deeply obscure language to describe/discuss these things?

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