Where is your name from, and how do you actually say it?

For all your general chit chat, caching or not.
Team Red Devil
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Post by Team Red Devil » 13 March 05 2:15 am

Team Red Devil came from my internet nickname being 'Shedevilbelle' for years- and at the time we joined the forum & gc.com, I had BRIGHT red hair, so thats where the red came from. I was just thinking on my feet so to speak when confronted with having to come up with a nickname. Luckily, both the other members of the team didn't mind the name :) and thats how we became Team Red Devil.<br>
PS: hey Big Mick are you 6 foot 6inches tall? <br>
*Just tryin to do the maths LMAO!!*<br>

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Post by Zytheran » 15 March 05 11:21 pm

Ah good, I can get this off my chest.
Zytheran is pronounced zith-er-run.

zith as in pith .

ok, now? sheesh,never thought I would to explain it but most have got it wrong!

The name is a AD&D role-playing character from about 1980. He was a heroic elven fighter mage. I'd have to dig out my notes on how he finally died but he is remembered with a full size statue made from solid silver on the island of Xinerdel and lit by a permanent light spell.
These days it's used for my online stuff, geocaching, chat, anything anonymous etc. It is slowly turning into a pseudonym for me.

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Post by wakiwi » 17 March 05 7:38 pm

wakiwi came about through the need to have an easy email address, one you can tell someone and they remember without having to write down. So when we registered on GC it was already there. Can be spoken two ways but the most common is "Wahkiwi" or "WA-Kiwi"
WA Kiwi: really nice New Zealanders that reside in Western Australia.

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Post by OMY130 » 17 March 05 8:32 pm

OMY130. This is my numberplate from my 4WD. The '130' comes in play because the 4WD is a 130 Defender (Dual Cab, 130 inch wheel base). The 'OMY' is extended for 'MY'. Put it all together it reads MY - 130. A personal touch for my 4WD which only other Land Rover owners can appreciate.

... Geoff ...

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