Where is your name from, and how do you actually say it?

For all your general chit chat, caching or not.
Mind Socket
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Post by Mind Socket » 07 March 05 10:40 am

My great aunty had a pet giraffe named Ocket, and when she passed away, I agreed to look after him, hence Minds Ocket. :)

Or, we could go with the truth ...

Mind Socket is the name of the web design business that a friend and I ran back in 99-00. The name has sorta stuck for other ventures also. It originated when we were trying to come up with a name for the business that was unique and symbolised a connection between technology and human thought. The cryptic reference by Mix to Neo in the Matrix is quite an apt one in that respect.

Pronunciation key:

- Rog

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1500 or more caches found
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Post by Snuva » 07 March 05 12:44 pm

Well, my parent cacher, chepup, had used her dog's nickname as her cacher name. She came to visit me last year and wanted to do this strange geocaching thing - she had brought the Australian Honeymoom TB over from California and decided we'd set a cache together to launch it in Oz. Needed a local cacher to own the cache, so I logged in and just made my cacher name my dog's name, Snuva.<P>Snuva got her name because she's a Schnauser - which comes from the German word for 'muzzle'. I didn't like the Swedish word for muzzle as much, so gave her the swedish word for nose (which is also used to mean sniffles) and I think it also sounds pretty cute. . .and it's easier for aussie to pronounce than the swedish word for 'rascal' which I much prefer. But I get sick enough of coaching people to pronounce my name (which is easy enough - Disa) that I wanted to make life simpler for Snuva

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It's the journey.
It's the journey.
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Post by riblit » 07 March 05 1:36 pm

riblit was born when I was looking for a username somewhere. I tried a lot of different names - all taken, so eventually typed in a pronouncable series of letters and found out it was available.

Some people think it has something to do with frogs. My brother is the frog mad one..

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Post by Damo. » 07 March 05 8:17 pm

Damo was already taken when I registered, hence why I am "Damo." with a full-stop.

No idea what effrem is on about....?


Posspet Boys
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Post by Posspet Boys » 07 March 05 9:45 pm

Posspet gets divided into Poss and Pet.
The chanel 10 show Comedy Company years ago had a skit with Magda Szubanski in it leaning over the fence with a fag in her mouth saying something like "I said pet, I said love...."
Poss is short for possum and Pet is short for pet.
Put the 2 together and you and I are none the wiser. It's just something that evolved.

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Post by Damo. » 07 March 05 10:02 pm

riblit wrote:Some people think it has something to do with frogs.
Something about your Avatar perhaps? :wink:

The No It Alls
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Post by The No It Alls » 08 March 05 2:14 am

The No it alls - pronounced how it's spellt.

I'm 17 and broke off from the Rav 4 Raiders to create some competition within the family.

The No it alls have 2 members myself and my wonderful girlfriend. Came up with the name as being teenagers the only response we give to questions is "I don't know" and teens are apparently meant to know everything.

Rav 4 Raiders get the name because my Mum's car is a Rav 4 and that is MEANT to be there signature car they drive in.

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100 or more tracks walked
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Post by elmofreak » 08 March 05 11:51 am

Hmm.. well Freak was taken... so i started adding random letters to the front of it.. ;)
Well ok, a few years ago I was setting up an email account.. they wouldn't let me use 'Elmo' (I have a thing for little red furry things).. so i decided to add 'freak' to it (which my friends will confirm that this is very suited to me :D ) and now it's just flowed thru... If it wasn't for the Elmofreak stuff.. i probably would have used 'Petal' which is a nickname i managed to attain while working at foodland in my uni days - it was even on my name badge when they forced us to wear name badges - it being a rather nasty area I decided i didn't really want my real name on the badge - the number of people who asked me 'is your name really petal?!?' (look offended and say 'yes.. whats wrong with my name??')
Went thru all this with Lady aladdin when she started.. she wanted something treasure hunty-ish.. and everything we tried was taken.. so it came down to lady aladdin - this way she could refer to her step-kids as the 40 theives - well theres 5 of them but it may as well be 40 ;)

The Antipodes
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100 or more tracks walked
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Post by The Antipodes » 08 March 05 3:46 pm

The Antipodes: See http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?b ... es&x=0&y=0 for some extra information.

We're the Antipodes, because we came from the other side of the world. (No, not the inside, the OTHER side: Europe). :roll:

Note that it should be pronounce as: 'Anti - podes (with the accent on anti).

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Post by Effrem » 09 March 05 8:41 am

Damo. wrote:Damo was already taken when I registered, hence why I am "Damo." with a full-stop.

No idea what effrem is on about....?

CraigRat wrote:
That was 'Wombat'.... Also later had the higly desirable (well to a 14 y.o) Blakeney Twins as hosts............

Oh yeah... my name is just a contraction of my first and last names, used it since the old BBS days for everything............

'My name is CraigRat and I pronounce CraigRat as CraigRat' <=Linux users may get this...............
Well that explains that one (thanks)

Too many people with really good names
eg Damian :wink:


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Post by caughtatwork » 09 March 05 10:03 am


As you see it, you pronounce it. Caught At Work.
I would have used the @ for the at, but as I couldn't register a domain name with that symbol, I've kept the at.

The @ (BTW) is also known as a Commercial A, so now you have learnt something.

I'll bet you think I work so much that I am forever at work. Well, I'm not. At the moment I'm unemployed so I spend most of my time at home. No I'm not going to change to caughtathome.

Many moons ago (before computer at home time, so you know, dinosaurs, tar pits, that sort of time period ago) I was using one of the PC's at work to create a poster for one of my wifes plays.

The graphics card on the device was rather poor so I sent a request to IT to upgrade the PC with a better video card. This was so I could at least work in 128 colors (small joke there).

IT sent off the request to my boss for authorisation. She asked why (given my role had nothing to do with graphics) and I had to confess that I was doing a non-work activity at work, hence I was Caught At Work.

And so for the last 6 or so years, I have been known on the net as caughtatwork.

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550 or more Caches found
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Post by bigmickb » 09 March 05 12:19 pm

Big Mick B - pronounced as it appears. The 'Mick B' part comes from a time when my Rover Crew had three of us there named Mick. So to differentiate between us we came up with Mick B, Mick C, and Little Mick.

As for the 'Big' part of the name, I'm about 5' 18". You do the maths!

Team Tiges
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250 or more caches found
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Post by Team Tiges » 09 March 05 8:24 pm

Mostly those who installed RedHat and needed to test their soundcard! :)<br>
We here at Team Tiges pronounce our name as:<br>
"It's gotta be here somewhere... let me just check the GPS again.... what about under thi.... OW.... what the #%#& was that?... hand me a stick.... I think I'm getting sunburnt.... I think I see some plastic in the.... OW.... what the?.... my ankle.... quick, muggles.... *whistle*... damn, I just stepped on it...".<br>
Or sometimes we like to say Tiges as in "Tiger"!<br>
Or tiges as in........: <br>
CraigRat wrote: 'My name is CraigRat and I pronounce CraigRat as CraigRat' <=Linux users may get this...............

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Post by Lucanos » 09 March 05 9:30 pm

Lucanos - is actually the name I was going to be christened with, but my parents decided that due to the risk of public humiliation, they'd shorten it to just Luke.<br>
Lucanos, for those who are interested, is the real name of St Luke - patron saint of doctors. And I am somewhat tempted to actually change my name back to Lucanos via deed poll, as anyone who teases me now will cop a hiding...<br>
Pronunciation - Loo-Car-Nos

crew 153
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Post by crew 153 » 12 March 05 6:34 pm

When we started geocaching we had not used a pen name for anything before and we started off as "The Charterises" but that was too much of a mouthful. Thought of using "The Saint" (Leslie Charteris was the Author) but that was taken. <br>Was learning about caching and came across the "Where's in a name" Locationless cache. <br><br>Started playing with the phone keypad and working in reverse found that our home cordinates came to CREW for 27° 39' and as our longitude is 153°00' so we put that together to become CREW 153.<br><br>Tried Googling it one day and found there is a Scout Troup in the US which calls itself CREW 153 . Small world ain't it...

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