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Forum Traffic

Posted: 26 February 05 8:09 am
by Bronze
Forum Traffic:

When are you here?
It would be interesting to plot when the forums busy periods are for those who like to comment on posts real time.

Of course read through each option before clicking poll (best fit).
Please then follow this by posting comment on your reading and posting habits including favourite times to visit this and other forums / news sites.


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Posted: 26 February 05 8:17 am
by Bronze
My posting / reading habits.

I tend to be here religiously Saturday mornings to read in depth the weeks posts and add some of my own. I will then call in fairly frequently through the next two days to see replies and new threads.

Through the week I may have a lookin on the evenings during "Neighbours" and "Home and Away" but only once or twice a week., usually Tuesday and Thursday.

Other sites I visit are but tend no to post much. Just read. Of course I check yahoo mail daily.

School holidays it woud not be uncommon for me to spend up to 14 hours on the net overnight through till 6am. Reading various sites for my work and general interest.

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Posted: 26 February 05 9:12 am
by ideology
can we vote "other"? we use the rss feed which watches the topics being posted. if we see something that catches our eye, we hop in to take a look

foum usage seems pretty constant from 9am to 8pm. it hots up by about 25% from 8-11pm then dies off during 1-7am
this is usage for it's not all forum traffic because some people are using the old url, but it should give the overall pattern

Posted: 26 February 05 9:48 am
by leek
Interesting graph...

Do you have another one that shows the traffic month by month for the last year? or even since the forums were setup?

Posted: 27 February 05 9:06 am
by Bronze
I knew I shouldn't have put (7,8 & 9) in! Oh well. Heaps of votes and only a couple of posts.

Thanks i! - thats what I was looking for so the thread is not a total loss I guess.

Thanks to those who voted anyhow.

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Posted: 27 February 05 9:25 am
by xf king
Im usually on once I get home for work. I come on at about 5:30- 6:00 and check the website look at new caches and if no new caches are near home i go into GCA forums and have a read.

Im also on, on saturday mornings and sunday mornings. But come back on both nights if I havn't gone out. So for me I think the Evening reading will best suit me. As I go to bed at about 10:30..

Posted: 27 February 05 11:02 am
by Horus
I ticked the last one, not to be silly, or because I'm obsessive about the forums, but it's the closest that reflects my reading/posting patterns. I don't religiously check the forums every 10 minutes, but if I have a spare minute between jobs, or if I'm bored I'll click on the "new posts" link and have a look, it's easier to keep up that way!

Posted: 27 February 05 9:38 pm
by Blaze_au
How many rss feeds are there? Is there just the one?

Does that capture all the forums?

Posted: 01 March 05 9:01 am
I have no set time or pattern when reading the forums but mostly it would be between 6am and 12 midnight. Whenever I check for email I usually check the forums.