When do you generally decrypt the clue?

For all your general chit chat, caching or not.

When do you generally decrypt the clue?

We have them decrypted before we leave home.
As soon as we reach GZ.
No votes
After a minute or so.
Not before a really good search.
Not before revisiting the site at least a couple of times.
Never. Clues are for wimps.
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250 or more caches found
250 or more caches found
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Post by dajjct » 26 February 05 9:46 am

I use the clues if I havn't found it within a certain time, if there are lots of muggles around, or the gps is as having a hard time of getting a fix. Because I do most of my cacheing when I am in the area because of dropping of picking up family members, the time constraint makes a quick find a good thing and I may not be in the area again for a long time.<br>


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Post by Damo. » 26 February 05 10:04 am

Like everyone I enjoy actually finding the caches I go looking for, so I want the hint to help me out if I need it. Cryptic is ok if it can be made sense of near GZ. After having a good search, if I can't find it I will always read the hint if there is one.

Technically I do decrypt it before I print the cache page, but I fold over the bottom of the sheet so I don't accidently read it before it is needed.

If people do want to place particularly hard caches and not supply a hint, that's fine too. It should show in the difficulty rating. If it's a 4.5 difficulty you can hardly expect an easy find.

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450 or more roots tripped over
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Post by Geof » 26 February 05 10:36 pm

I didn't vote because my answer is all of the above. It depends when, were, how far away form home, am I going to trash this place with a normal search, has every one else said they had greyer hair and so on.
Many times when I started I only took the coords and nothing else. Sometimes I read the clue and if the search is hard it will come back to me after 10 min or so.
I often only print multis unless there are many waypoints to follow to get to GZ.

What I hate is when the cache is in the bottom of a gully with a 30deg sky window and ferns and there are no additional hints. :(

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Post by Bronze » 27 February 05 9:28 am

Geof wrote:
What I hate is when the cache is in the bottom of a gully with a 30deg sky window and ferns and there are no additional hints. :(
Geof, somehow I don't think your going like my favourite cache and that leaves you with two chances then....

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200 or more found
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Post by Blaze_au » 27 February 05 9:57 am

Like others, I don't look at the clue until I have had a good scratch around, but with GSAK and GpxView, gaining access to the clue is only a click away. So I really don't need to decode it at home.

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