What to do when a muggle catches you?

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Post by Bronze » 24 January 05 9:34 am

Nads and I were out near the coast looking for Snifters Bone (GCD091: 1/1.5) with a whole heap of muggles enjoying the river nearby. As Mix had been there two or three times and couldn't be bothered actually looking (like whats the fun in that - can't come back if you actually find it) we got out of our cars and thought for a moment, how to take on this one.

There was orange safety fencing all around the cache site to stop people falling into the erosion gully leading to the river. So once we got a couple of pens out, a clipboard and the camera we were free to go and do anything we pleased. A few gestured finger pointings here and there, a pic of this and that, then some scratching around the cache site and hey presto - we were even able to log the cache and replace it in plain site of the muggles who had lost interest in us as soon as they realised we weren't going to tell them they couldn't swim in the river.


4000 or more? I'm officially obsessed.
4000 or more? I'm officially obsessed.
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Post by acts2youthgroup » 24 January 05 9:40 pm

while doing park at redy found area taped off, object had been taped of due to wet paint, had work overalls on, under the tape i went made out to be checkeing paint got cache walked away came back with torch shone it around underneath doing more inspections cache back. there had to be 20 mugles there none the wiser.

50 or more caches found
50 or more caches found
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Post by Citria » 24 January 05 10:38 pm

SNIFTER wrote:Hounddog has a good one. Not as good as a leak but he wears a quarantine vest. That keeps them away.
I hope Hounddog is actually a Quarantine Officer because impersonating a federal officer could end up being far more troublesome than losing a cache! :) (and there could possibly be a QO or two who play this game ....)

My solution for muggles: Bury the bodies deep!!! :lol:

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Post by Mind Socket » 25 January 05 9:17 am

Leek and I did some extra caching on "Clean Up Australia Day" after a CITO event. We were merrily cache hunting right in front of muggles, and all we needed was a couple of garbage bags to ward off suspicion.

- Rog

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