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Too hot in Oz for caching?

Posted: 11 January 05 11:18 am
by Papa Bear_Left
There's only three West Islanders in the Top Ten YTD Finders!

Are you avoiding the joe blakes, too busy slagging Yanks in the forums, or are you all only logging caches now? :)

We Kiwis have been out in the cold and rain, however, valiantly finding plastic boxes under bushes and rocks before the mudslips take 'em away!

Posted: 11 January 05 3:47 pm
<font color="blue"><font face="verdana"><b>We found a few over the weekend Bear but with all the current confusion I'm not sure which site to log 'em on ... just kidding, joke really it is :wink:
When you arrive over here soon, you'll have to show us all how to play this game. We all seem to be mesmerized by all the activity over in the far eastern isle's

Posted: 12 January 05 11:35 am
by Team Red Roo
That's it - Bear season is open :lol:

Posted: 12 January 05 11:38 am
by Slider & Smurf
It was only 38degC here in Melbourne yesterday ... but we did manage to knock over three before we had to give up in the heat and wind!!

Posted: 12 January 05 11:43 am
by gunnell&pandaabear
38degC here in Melbourne
Only 38deg, get back out there. I think it got to 42degC in Adelaide yesterday....remember Adelaide? You used to live here. :P

Posted: 12 January 05 11:47 am
by Slider & Smurf
Ahhh, sez you ;-) You guys have been quiet lately??
Actually, we're just making the most of the hot weather before we swap into the thirties this weekend ... fahrenheit, that is :shock: "Nah, you won't need a jacket" said Slider, about five weeks ago when we were packing!! :roll:

Posted: 12 January 05 11:52 am
by Webguy
Supposed to hit the low 40's this weekend, I think I may just stay around the pool this weekend.

Posted: 12 January 05 2:10 pm
by Mind Socket
Oh no, just when you thought the forum was getting interesting, we start talking about the weather. :)

Don't forget to GO caching,
- Rog

Posted: 12 January 05 2:24 pm
by teamkittens
Yeah its a little too warm to go caching more than once a month a the moment. :D

Posted: 12 January 05 5:09 pm
by gunnell&pandaabear
Ahhh, sez you You guys have been quiet lately??
Yes we've been quiet, but I swear I was out in the sun yesterday! New business starting very little time to get out there and cache right now, but we'll be back.

Posted: 12 January 05 5:28 pm
by CraigRat
All this heat on the big island is EXACTLY why you should all come to Tassie for a caching holiday..

If it gets above 27, its a rare thing!!