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Project GC Statistics

Posted: 08 September 21 8:03 am
by magpies22
Hi all.....
I suppose I'm relatively new to Geocaching compared to most of you, having only started in Oct 2020. I got off to a fairly good caching streak start, with 162 consecutive days, followed by a break of 2 days, where I had no access to caches, when away on a weekend.
After that, I thought i'd try to beat my last effort & have just passed it with 163 & still going. I have been looking at Project GC statistics along the way & saw that there is a top caching streak page that compares you to others & you can filter it down to your local area etc if you wish. So, when I beat my last record, I checked the streak page, only to find that my new number hadn't jumped ahead of my last attempt, then found out that Adventure Lab caches (which I only started doing in the second batch) aren't included. They had always been included in my profile stats, so I had no idea it would be an issue. Has anyone else been caught out with this or can explain why they aren't included? All the lab caches that I have found are still at a physical location that I had to travel to, so I don't understand......????

Re: Project GC Statistics

Posted: 08 September 21 9:52 am
by caughtatwork