rredbeak here, some newby questions please.

For all your general chit chat, caching or not.
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robby j
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rredbeak here, some newby questions please.

Post by robby j » 04 May 19 5:31 pm

Wife n I joined ,registered and activated a few days back.,,we are both oldies,still stable on feet but cannot do rough n long stuff anymore..ive already ask this question but just added for new readers.

KittyKatch explained difficulty ratings,im pleased cause now we can plan without having to give up onsite, [rough or excessively long etc]. GREAT Info KittyKatch TY..

Q1.. ive got GA Cache. how do I tell it WHERE we prefer to go places? or do we just use map n desize to area of choice please?

Q2,i have a new smartphone w GPS the ads say. do I need turn it on or is it in app ready to use please ?

Robby J

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5500 or more caches found
5500 or more caches found
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Re: rredbeak here, some newby questions please.

Post by tronador » 06 May 19 7:55 pm

With GA cacher you are only able to view caches on the map list or if you tap on Nearby you'll get what's around you. If you want a more specific search youll need to go onto the Geocaching Australia web site.
Your smart phone gps should be on by default but you can check that location is on by swiping down to see the toolbar. There should be am icon that says location. This needs to be on if you are going to navigate with your phone. . You can also make navigation more acurate by going into your settings finding location mode and making site Gps wifi and hetwork is checked. This will give you the highest accuracy but will also use more power.

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