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just found geocaching,have some questions

Posted: 02 May 19 11:22 am
by robby j
my wife n I are in our 70's [early].never heard of geocaching before..ok I registered here n downloaded the app...

we cant run through bush n climb over logs anymore..are there any oldies caches ?..

I DONT mean city footpath stuff or mail boxes. We like to get out n drive out of town.are there any difficulty [terrain] rated ones please..Robby J

Re: just found geocaching,have some questions

Posted: 02 May 19 12:24 pm
by Kittykatch
Welcome to geocaching robby j =D>

Every geocache has a difficulty (D) rating and a terrain (T) rating on a 5-star scale. It is known as the D/T rating.
The following information is provided on the GC Forums but note that D/T ratings vary between regions - it is important to read the cache description and logs for further information if concerned about attempting the cache.

Difficulty - Effort needed to solve and find the cache and logbook at GZ.
Terrain - Physical effort needed to arrive at coordinates.

1 star
Easy to find or solve within a few minutes.
The hike is less than 0.5 mile (0.8 km) and wheelchair accessible (attribute required). Most likely paved and flat.

1.5 stars
Easy to find or solve within 10-15 minutes.
The hike is less than 0.5 mile (0.8 km). Most likely flat but may not be wheelchair accessible.

2 stars
Relatively easy to find or solve within 30 minutes
The hike is less than 2 miles (3 km) along well-defined paths with no significant elevation change or overgrowth.

2.5 stars
A mild challenge, but relatively easy for an experienced geocacher.
Terrain may have small elevation changes or moderate overgrowth.

3 stars
A somewhat challenging puzzle or hiding spot.
The hike may be more than 2 miles (3 km) on varied terrain - too difficult to ride a bike due to elevation changes or significant overgrowth.

3.5 stars
Quite difficult. Be prepared for a mental challenge.
Quite strenuous, extended hike on widely variable terrain.

4 stars
Very difficult and may take special knowledge, advanced preparation, or multiple trips.
Very strenuous movement that may include significant distance, overgrowth, swimming, or elevation changes.

4.5 stars
Extremely difficult. Most likely requires special knowledge or skills.
Extremely demanding movement over potentially hazardous terrain.

5 stars
The most extreme mental challenge. Requires specialized knowledge, skills, tools, or significant effort to find, solve, or open.
Requires specialized equipment such as scuba gear, a boat, rock climbing gear, or similar.

Re: just found geocaching,have some questions

Posted: 02 May 19 7:19 pm
by stainless-steel-rat
Welcome to geocaching, you will find there are caches hidden for all abilities so you should be able to find something near you that is within your fitness levels.

Re: just found geocaching,have some questions

Posted: 03 May 19 9:35 pm
by Richary
Also, look for events in your local area. That way you will meet some other people who will be happy to come along with you to find some in the area and help show you what you are looking for.

You can also look at this page for "Geocaching Gurus" in your area who are people who have offered to help show the ropes to newcomers or provide advice, though some may not be active anymore.

Welcome aboard!

Re: just found geocaching,have some questions

Posted: 03 May 19 11:26 pm
by robby j
TY everyone for the Welcome. KittyKatch , incredible I didn't know there were so many levels. Im extremely happy now I understand it better..

TY ppl from 2 happy elders.. Cheers Robby

Re: just found geocaching,have some questions

Posted: 22 May 19 12:01 pm
by Pesky!
welcome aboard robby j and co.

one of the beautiful things about geocaching, it caters for just about every age, and physical ability. it also covers every level of adventure seeking or casual past time you can think of.
I love it because I play on my terms, when and as often as I feel happy. I also take on as little or as much adventure as I feel up to with no one judging you for not taking on the higher terrain /difficulty challenges.
Nor visa-versa.

Just enjoy your time, drop in on an event cache near you, and get to know the community.

good luck and happy hunting.