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Moveable etiquette

Posted: 27 December 18 3:52 pm
by The Paulsons
Hi, I recently found a large number of moveables, which was awesome as there are not often very many down my way. However five of them were in the same spot and from looking at the logs of others, I think there may have been more in the same spot or very close by, though I didn't see them. I'm just wondering as I have not done much GCA caching, is it considered correct to place a large group of moveables together or should they be spaced out?

I'm not complaining or criticising the person who put them out. I'm just wondering what the considered response is.

For me, I think I would have liked to have searched for each of them individually but I'm just wondering if there is a consensus on here.

Only one of them had current requirements, the rest were all past their game dates and are now standard moveables.

Re: Moveable etiquette

Posted: 27 December 18 9:13 pm
by WazzaAndWenches
I'm probably much the same as most others in that I'll look at a map and choose my path based on the caches I can see on the map. If a number of caches are logged into the same coordinates they'll simply show up as one cache on the map. If that location is not within a reasonable distance of my path I'll ignore them. If, say, five caches are placed a short distance apart (>, say, 25m), they'll all show up on the map. An added advantage of distance is that one cache muggled doesn't mean all caches muggled.

Therefore, I prefer them to be placed a short distance apart.

Having said that, it's common for regular spots to be used to place quantities of caches for collection by regular visitors.