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Trig point?

Posted: 07 October 18 6:19 pm
by Team737
Whilst caching in Queenstown (NZ) last week we came across this....


There was an identical info plate under a trig elsewhere, but this one doesn't have a mast or post/cairn etc....

Could we/should we publish it?

Cheers, Lee

Re: Trig point?

Posted: 07 October 18 9:37 pm
by MavEtJu
Note: I totally am not authoritative on this.

According to

A benchmark/survey mark is a bronze disc which is also used by surveyors and are either points of known location (latitude/longitude) or height. A trig point will always be associated with a survey mark, however survey marks can be independent of a trig point.[...]

There are many (in the hundreds of thousands) of benchmarks/surveymarks around Australia. As this is the case, it was decided only to list actual trig points, rather than add hundreds of thousands of listings into the database. There is another option, however, for people whom wish to log such entities. There are locationless cache categories for almost all states for logging state survey marks. So if you have found only a benchmark and not a trig point, then you can still log them!

Re: Trig point?

Posted: 09 October 18 9:16 pm
by Richary
It looks more like a survey marker to me. NZ has a range of geodetic markers ranging from full blown trigs to survey markers like we have over here. I couldn't find a D170 near Queenstown but if you have more accurate coords you might be able to check here under advanced search. ... etic-marks

For info, NZ topo maps are also freely available in a GeoTIFF format that can be read by Oziexplorer (they are quite big downloads though) and these show most of the actual trigs on them as well at least on the topo 50 scale. There are a few tricks to making them work like setting the coordinate system to the NZ one but otherwise it works well, I used them a lot 2 years ago when over there for a trip on the North Island. Check out ... ap-chooser

Allows you to have maps on the laptop and load caches on to them even if you don't have google maps available at the time due to lack of coverage or not wanting to use too much roaming data.

Re: Trig point?

Posted: 26 January 19 7:39 am
by Team737
Thanks (belated!) for the advice guys....

Re: Trig point?

Posted: 26 June 19 12:22 pm
by southlandicebergs
The trigs in NZ are no longer actually used and many are being removed.