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Spring Caching Carnival

Posted: 19 September 18 11:19 pm
by OldSaint
Please, I don't understand:
Currently; GA12854 "Yellow Parasaurolophus" has two finds in a row yet it has been credited with a move to the USA
I thought that only moves were to be instrumental in the Spring Caching Carnival
How can someone make a find and a move at the same time?
Just interested in how this may occur
Cheers and thanks OldSaint

Re: Spring Caching Carnival

Posted: 20 September 18 9:38 am
by caughtatwork
A log that has a set of co-ordinates is a candidate for a move. If the co-ordinates are different to the previous set of co-ordinates then it is considered a move.

There are two ways to move a moveable geocache.
Find the cache, log a find, then later when you rehide it, log a move.
Find the cache, rehide it, then log a find with a new set of co-ordinates.

You can also move a geocache with a noted if you don't want to increment your "pure" / "unique" geocache count by not logging a new find against it.

This has been the method since moveables were introduced in 2005.

Re: Spring Caching Carnival

Posted: 20 September 18 10:48 am
by OldSaint
Thanks caught at work, but my point with my post is that two finds by the same cacher on the cache [GA12854} were made within seven days on the 16th and 19th of Sept
The cacher can correct that by editing the log and change that to a move; not an issue
But the rule states that "There is no limit to the number of times a geocacher can find / move the Dinosaur Racer provided there are at least two other finds / moves in between."
This has not happened in this case:
I guess my question is can the race program pick this up; so that the rule is adhered to
Cheers and thanks OldSaint

Re: Spring Caching Carnival

Posted: 20 September 18 12:36 pm
by caughtatwork
The person who logged the find has obviously logged a find instead of a move as their previous log was a find so this one should be a find. If someone nicely wants to suggest to them that they change the find to a move, then so be it and that would clear up the confusion. I'm not going to penalise someone for a mistake. The decision of the game administrator is final.

Re: Spring Caching Carnival

Posted: 20 September 18 1:03 pm
by OldSaint
Thanks caught at work
Didn't want any penalty as I said it can be changed with a change in the cache log
Was more concerned that the program for the race wasn't picking up "two finds" in a row by the same cacher within seven days cheers
Will send a note and have it changed
Cheers OldSaint

Re: Spring Caching Carnival

Posted: 20 September 18 1:10 pm
by OldSaint
Done and cheers

Re: Spring Caching Carnival

Posted: 20 September 18 2:12 pm
by 2y'stassies
Wondering why a message about this was sent to us and not choclate_ali?

Re: Super keen to get a Dinosaur into my hands.

Posted: 20 September 18 9:49 pm
by cruisinblues
:frog Having moved a few frogs I am keen to take some Dino's on a trip :frogette I am in Mildura - A dinosaur desert at present, I will be passing through Tullamarine briefly on 25th September - I won't be able to get far, maybe a Kilometre from the airport terminals. I need somebody to set me up for a big play.

Re: Spring Caching Carnival

Posted: 03 October 18 10:06 am
by budgietas

Just as a suggestion to future movable games, can it be a condition that a move doesn't count for the game if hidden within say 50 metres of one of it's previous hiding spots. Just I see some caches simply being moved from one spot to another to another and back to the first spot and then repeat. I thought part of the design of movables is to move around the country side not just to visit certain hiding spots over and over again.

I think we have all been guilty of using a standard hiding spot, but maybe we need to broaden our horizons with our hides.

Sorry of this would cause a huge amount of programming. ](*,)