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My Query (trigs) - found status

Posted: 01 June 18 10:34 am
by Team737
I've noted that the queries I make for our GPS for trigs don't seem to indicate the found status - ie they all show up with the same symbol whether we've logged a find or not. Is there a fix to this?
I'm using a Garmin Oregon....

Re: My Query (trigs) - found status

Posted: 15 June 18 11:19 am
by Luckyl10n
Hi Lee

Are you using GSAK to manage your caching? If not, you might want to have a look at it. Makes life much easier.

If not, perhaps adjust your query to only load unfound caches to your GPSr.

I hope I've understood your query properly.


Re: My Query (trigs) - found status

Posted: 27 May 19 9:26 am
by Team737
Sorry, its been a while.... I think I must get into this when we're in the Blue Mountains each year..... its too windy to do much today....

What I was saying - for a PQ for any given cache, the GPX file has the following:
<sym>Geocache Found</sym>
for a cache we've found - so the GPSr displays a smilie in place of the cache symbol.

In my trigs query GPX file, I only ever have this - whether we've found the trig or not:
so the GPSr displays the unfound symbol rather than the smilie.

Is this something that can be fixed by a setting I need to set, or is this just how it is?
I suppose I could run two queries, and do a find/replace on the 'found it' query to reflect the found status? Is that what I would need to do?
Thanks in advance.....

Re: My Query (trigs) - found status

Posted: 27 May 19 11:31 am
by caughtatwork
Optional in: <wpt> <rtept> <trkpt>

<sym>Scenic Area</sym>

Text of GPS symbol name. For interchange with other programs, use the exact spelling of the symbol on the GPS, if known.
The name of the symbol is defined by the GPS device you are using.
<sym>Geocache Found</sym> obviously works for a GPS that you are using.
<sym>Geocache Found</sym> may not work for a different model or brand of GPS.
<sym>Geocache</sym> is less prescriptive and more widely acceptable, but does not solve your issue.

Alas the GPX "standard" is not standard and a small change at our end may be unwelcomed repercussions on other devices. Regrettably at this point, it's unlikely we would seek to make that change although it would be extremely useful in your specific circumstance.