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GCA Moveable Recovery Mission - SA Event
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Author:  parislaura [ 11 September 17 12:42 am ]
Post subject:  GCA Moveable Recovery Mission - SA Event

This is a long shot, but there seems to be some moveable's that are taken with the good intention of moving them along but it never happens or they get forgotten, so I am going to try and get some back in circulation. I have started by creating an event GA10710 that piggy backs on a GC lunch here in Adelaide in the hope that maybe, possibly I can get one or two back into circulation.

I know it is a complete long shot but I figured id at least give it a go. Ill post here to let you know how I go - successful or unsuccessful at least it is a way to maybe even create some awareness.

Author:  J_&_J [ 15 September 17 6:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GCA Moveable Recovery Mission - SA Event

I hope you event goes well.

We have seen a slight increase in GCA cache logging in SA lately, thanks to a couple of new comers and one old hand who's rediscovered GCA. Unfortunately we still have the odd cacher who picks up a moveable and hangs on to it for a year or more, or it's never seen again. :cry:

Maybe a polite personal message to a couple of lukewarm GCA fans regarding your event might be useful?

Author:  parislaura [ 16 September 17 9:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GCA Moveable Recovery Mission - SA Event

Thanks J_&_J I have sent a couple of messages to some cachers that I know have some GCA caches. So fingers crossed that may help getting some back in circulation.

We really don't have enough GCA players here in SA, which means there is not enough caches to find. My kids really do love the moveables, probably more than doing normal GC caches and there is not many left to be found nearby. I have some down south to find but don't get that way often.

Every now and then I notice some interstaters come through and grab the moveables to take home and leave some in their place, but SA gets cleaned out regularly then there are none left to find.

I keep trying to put more out LOL I don't know how many events I can go to with the lure of a GCA FTF I can offer.

I am headed to Victoria in October, so might try and find some there to bring back so that I can restock SA again - at least for a little while :P

Author:  J_&_J [ 16 September 17 9:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GCA Moveable Recovery Mission - SA Event

We have a few new moveables to list as soon as we get time, and of course, find something fun to attach the log sheet to. Years ago most moveable caches were simple standard cache containers, but thanks to a few years of GCA moving cache races, the newer ones are all attached to something much more interesting than just a standard Sistema or Eclipse tin.

We want to get a new one placed closer to the Northern suburbs and notify you of the coordinates before it's actually published, as it will contain a certain wager that I owe you. :-$

Author:  parislaura [ 16 September 17 9:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GCA Moveable Recovery Mission - SA Event

LOL that is funny! Not necessary at all, but it does give me a giggle.

Hey I am not doing too bad, I am two from two for events and people asking for the FTF.

The first event, I sat there, didn't mention GCA at all, I nearly thought it wasn't going to work, then near the end of the event, the Victorians asked me for the FTF, I just laughed!!!

I have a new dinosaur ready for the GCA/GC event, ill see if I can get 3 from 3 :-) :wink:

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