Your geocaching vehicle of choice

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Your geocaching vehicle of choice

Post by takagawa-kun » 17 December 04 1:58 pm

I used to drive to Geocaches in my rust bucket 1986 Mitsubishi Magna. Now I ride there on my Kawasaki ZZR-250 :roll: . What's your preferred mode of travel when you go out Geocaching?

Gunn Parker
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400 or more spectacular views seen
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Post by Gunn Parker » 17 December 04 2:00 pm

I used to have an old xd falcon, I now have a nissan patrol but I really like to get out on my mountain bike and find em

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Post by TEAM LANDCRUISER » 17 December 04 2:52 pm

<font color="blue"><font face="verdana"><b>I suppose 'we' don't really have to answer that question although I'd prefer a hovercraft at times :lol:

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Post by Rey » 17 December 04 3:10 pm

1998 Mitsubishi Magna!
with our Team Actioncow! Geocaching window sticker... passing Geocachers really can't miss it.. 8)

It's all in how you get there....
It's all in how you get there....
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Post by swampgecko » 17 December 04 3:25 pm

Currently a 1992 Hilux Twincab that sports the name Betty on the bullbar, and even thou only a 2wd, she thinks she is a 4X4. But I may be putting her out to pasture soon, as I am looking at getting a Pajero (2000 build or later) when the finances allow it.

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Post by EcoTeam » 17 December 04 3:41 pm

EcoNic's little RAV4.
4x4 versatility but relatively ecofriendly compared to the big gas guzzlers.

EcoDave :)

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850 or more found!!!
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Post by CraigRat » 17 December 04 3:48 pm

2004 VZ Commodore Wagon...

Thinks its a 4WD...

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Post by ving » 17 December 04 4:11 pm

my feet! :P
oh and my mountain bike :roll:

Team Red Devil
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50 or more caches found
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Post by Team Red Devil » 17 December 04 5:03 pm

Our current cachemobile is a VL commodore, altho if the finances allow we'll be upgrading to a 4wd of some sort.... Prolly not for a while tho :)<br>

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100 or more tracks walked
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Post by elmofreak » 17 December 04 6:53 pm

hrmmmm Little silver zook... is a 4wd, but i'm sure it thinks it's a 2wd... could be the driver ;)
Easy to tell it's mine.. has very sexy purple numberplates :D

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It's the journey.
It's the journey.
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Post by riblit » 17 December 04 10:10 pm

Pajero 3 litre V6 petrol. Reasonably economical and big enough to sleep in if need be.

The Rats
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5000 or more caches found
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Post by The Rats » 18 December 04 6:26 am

Go the 60 series cruiser, and then you cant beat the old fashion '2 leg drive'

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Post by energizer61 » 18 December 04 9:18 am

a Dual cab 4wd Navara with a Bulldog on the front :) it's a diesel, so it's gutless, but it's cheap to run. & on some caches I like to take the VFR800, but it's a little hard to fit all the family in :)

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450 or more roots tripped over
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Post by GammaPiSigma » 18 December 04 9:43 am

1982 244 Volvo 350,000k's. Tank in every aspect. Take it anywhere, leave it anywhere and never have to worry about it. Have even left it unlocked at a local railway station on several occasions and nothing happened to it. Not that cheap on fuel anymore but it is real easy to fix. Although like others I do have a preference for the old "two leg drive" and MTB.

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Post by ideology » 18 December 04 10:26 am


the ideology geocopter. 2004 model, 200 hours. land it anywhere. we've left it unlocked at various places and noone's taken it. uses about 60 litres per hour crusing at 110 knots.

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