Unexpected cache find

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Re: Unexpected cache find

Post by caughtatwork » 20 October 16 12:56 pm

You would only have been able to add points to caches you found after you joined the game anyway. i.e. No going back years if you only joined the other week / month.

Don't panic. There might be something in summer that might help everyone looking at GCA caches.

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Re: Unexpected cache find

Post by Sol de Lune » 20 October 16 1:09 pm

Goldenwattle wrote:Oh dear, since joining dragon zone I have found quite a few caches. I didn't know there was a time limit. :( And as I have found most caches I can do in the ACT this does limit me.
Oh, did someone forget to tell you that you have to add points within 7 days. Oh well...... :cerberus :cerberus

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