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Graffiti in the bush/National Parks

Posted: 22 June 16 10:32 am
by Yurt
This is something I've noticed in recent years. Walking through the bush on tracks like the Great North Walk and in some areas every exposed rock has been graffitied or 'tagged'. Once you'd only see the odd scrawl in a rock shelter but it seems these scumbags have run out of spots they can paint without getting caught outside the bush and now they've taken to destroying nature. Some may call graffiti "a victimless crime" but I call bollocks, so to speak.

It's not confined to Australia it seems. Here's a story from the US where they caught one of them and banned them from all National Parks.

Graffiti artist banned from 20% of US after Reddit users' investigation

Anyone else seeing this increasing?

Re: Graffiti in the bush/National Parks

Posted: 22 June 16 6:56 pm
by Zalgariath
Sadly yes. Along the North Shore waterfront are many tracks with some good caches I've been exploring lately here in Sydney. The seclusion seems to lend itself to the vandals coming in and trashing the place :stabby Council are quick to removed visible street grafitti if reported. I wonder if bush damage would be cleaned so quickly. I might have to try and see!

Re: Graffiti in the bush/National Parks

Posted: 23 June 16 9:34 am
by GammaPiSigma
Yep. See this a lot.

Campbelltown Council decided to fix up the track down to a spot called the Basin on the Georges River in Kentlyn. Easier access meant a lot more morons. The area is covered is graffiti and rubbish now. Makes me sad as I have been going there since I was a kid.

NPWS spent a lot of money on some facilities out at the Wedderburn entry to Dharawal NP . Before this I had never seen any graffiti and only a small amount of rubbish in all the hours I spent walking around the NP. Now, graffiti on rocks and a significant increase in rubbish strewn around places like Minerva Pool. To be honest I wish they had left the area alone, it was much better before.


Re: Graffiti in the bush/National Parks

Posted: 23 June 16 1:26 pm
by Team Ladava
My opinion of graffiti/tagging is the visual equivalent of a dog peeing on a tree to mark his territory.