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Geocaching in the news...

Posted: 06 November 14 10:17 am
by Happy Chappies
..and it's a big one this time, not the ordinary old local paper gig. ... 1dkjg.html

Lots of good local references. Liz & Bruce (of course), a reference to Jen's Glow in the Dark cache in Ringwood, and lots of cachers spoken to.

I do love this line:

Because of demands on a phone's battery in the field, many participants have switched to hand-held GPS models with electronic compasses, colour touchscreens, and the ability to store cache co-ordinates, which allows them to search even in internet blackspots.

Love how dedicated GPS's are being described as the 'new thing' from mobile phones! :shock:

Re: Geocaching in the news...

Posted: 06 November 14 11:19 am
by Yurt
That's the biggest story I've seen on the topic in an Australian newspaper.

This sounds like "Come in Sucker" but it wasn't 'buried' at all. Could have been something else.
One in Perth, which had been cut into a sandstone rock and and buried, took the Hanisches three days to crack.

I might get on to this new trend of using dedicated hand-held GPS devices instead of the phone...

Re: Geocaching in the news...

Posted: 08 November 14 10:18 am
by Zalgariath
Oh that is just hilarious! :lol: