Maleny Animal Trail how to present track and caches for each

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Maleny Animal Trail how to present track and caches for each

Post by bigglesabroad » 23 July 14 9:15 am

Maleny Animal Trail consists of 30+ chainsaw animal carvings by Matt George mounted on buildings, mostly verandahs, around the centre of Maleny. I would like to present the Trail as a walking tour for families discovering the animals during their visit to Maleny. I have a gps track that guides people round the locations and waypoints for all the animals.
Is it possible to combine the track and waypoints into a single geocache adventure or should I have the track as a kml file and each animal as a seperate cache?

I would like to do the same with Maleny Scenic Drive of Maleny-Mapleton-Kenilworth-Maleny giving people the locations of interesting points; lookouts, Gardner's Falls, Kondallila Falls, Mapleton Lilyponds, Montville Lilyponds, Kenilworth's 'iBay', etc.
Then I have a dataset of 'Art, Eat & See' locations around Maleny that visitors could use to locate places of interest to them.

Advice on presenting this geo-info as geocaches or other media (Garmin Adventures) appreciated

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Re: Maleny Animal Trail how to present track and caches for each

Post by Toriaz » 26 July 14 2:39 pm

Maybe design a wherigo cache that takes you for a walk around the track?

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Re: Maleny Animal Trail how to present track and caches for each

Post by Papa Bear_Left » 27 July 14 11:20 am

There's a few factors that need to be considered:

How easy is it to hide caches at each of these sites? It sounds like they're mostly in obvious public places, which would make hiding containers nearby difficult. So, a few multicaches would probably be better. Mix up the ideas to avoid staleness, using things like matching carving pictures to numbers, using names of carvings to give numbers (A=1, B=2, etc), number of letters in name, attaching tag (with permission), etc., then hiding a cache in a suitable spot. This could be somewhere nearby, or even out of town, suggesting that finders collect all the coords in town before setting out to the GZs.

Is the order important? If so, then you'll want to make the multicaches an "A leads to B leads to C leads to..... GZ" type rather than "Get info from A, B, C.... to lead to GZ"

Where you can hide a cache at a carving, do so. A lot of cachers just won't look for multis, and it'd be a shame if they miss the whole town because they've filtered out all but Traditional caches!

Don't forget to keep an eye on making the caches fun, even if that means missing a few carvings. Numbers cachers will just get the info and go anyway, and those who take the time to enjoy the waypoints you do use will probably take the time to seek out the others anyway, so it's best not to bore both groups with over-inclusive caches.

(There's also other GPS-based games that could bring visitors to these items. Check out Ingress on Android and iOS apps.)

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