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Have we had an Oz Mega 2014 post mortem yet?

Posted: 29 May 14 10:15 pm
by Bundyrumandcoke
So, a month and a bit on, how does everyone feel about Oz Mega 2014?

If I have missed a post mortem thread, then this one can be canned, and I can be duely redirected. This thread is also not meant to be a bitch session, but an honest critique of the event, now that people have had to mull over what happened, and may have something to say, good or bad about the event.

Given that Mega Events are occurring on a more frequent basis here in Australia, this thread is to help those planning future events.

First off, a definition from the online dictionary.

cri·tique (krĭ-tēk′)
1. A critical review or commentary, especially one dealing with works of art or literature.

2. A critical discussion of a specified topic.

3. The art of criticism.

tr.v. cri·tiqued, cri·tiqu·ing, cri·tiques Usage Problem
To review or discuss critically.

So, what worked, and what didn't work, your you at Oz Mega. Lets help future planning committees run bigger and better mega events in the future.

Re: Have we had an Oz Mega 2014 post mortem yet?

Posted: 29 May 14 11:29 pm
by Richary
Good for you! Unfortunately due to work commitments I had to cancel my attendance.

Though I remember people complaining when we tried to have a post mortem on the Wagga Wagga and Albury events. It was never about criticising the organisers, just about any problems people experienced or things that could have been done better. No group of organisers can forsee every problem that might arise.

It is for others to take into account going into the future, and as you say making future events even more enjoyable. Hopefully everyone will take your thread in the right spirit. And the organisers might also be able to provide some insight into things they may have found difficult to manage, that will help those setting up the next one.

That said, the 3 I have attended (Wagga, Albury and Dunedin) have all been pretty good with any problems more caused by the site than the organisation. But I trust the organisers that a better site wasn't available in the area with what was needed. And very disappointed I missed Murray Bridge, hopefully I can make Stanthorpe.

Re: Have we had an Oz Mega 2014 post mortem yet?

Posted: 09 June 14 10:28 pm
by Laighside Legends
Now the Mega event was a lot of fun but... I think it may have been surpassed by the awesome June LWE event I've just gotten home from! :mrgreen:

Re: Have we had an Oz Mega 2014 post mortem yet?

Posted: 09 June 14 10:45 pm
by tronador
Outstanding from my point of view. I never saw any problems and had a great time.