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Keeper of Time
3000 or more caches found
3000 or more caches found
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Re: Lone Cachers

Post by Keeper of Time » 23 April 14 5:15 pm

Hi Jeta73
You can find lots of useful stuff on the wiki http://wiki.geocaching.com.au/wiki/Main_Page, for a list of abreviations that get used you can check out the lexicon http://wiki.geocaching.com.au/wiki/Lexicon.

I hope that helps.

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Re: Lone Cachers

Post by wombatatcrows » 23 April 14 7:21 pm

Hi Jeta

Some of the more common ones that I found confusing :oops: when I first started are

FTF First To Find
PAF Phone a Friend
PM Private Message

TFTC Thanks for the Cache
TFTH Thanks For The Hunt
TNLN Took Nothing – Left Nothing
TNLNSL Took Nothing – Left Nothing – Signed the Log

There will be others but this might get you started

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