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Nedlam Tribe
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Post by Nedlam Tribe » 17 June 13 11:30 pm

Hi PPLS, i am yet to go look. My son & i was out on a walk with a group over the weekend. Noticed that one guy was stuck to his phone. thinking it was Facebook.
He later showed me this GEOCACHING. I went home brought it up, with the wife and she said this is old news.
He was ( now i have installed to the mobile) C:GEO app.
Well now that we have an app and there is apparently a hidden cache at the end of the street. I now have to go find.
But start with an easy one. im told.

I have signed up on here, & on the C:GEO app, can u have multiple members as in Team?
As the wife & i have the same app? on each others phones?

Also any other tips i may need to know as new & have no idea yet.

Nedlam Tribe

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Re: Newbie

Post by Skippy » 18 June 13 1:36 am

Is that Para Hills South Australia?

Welcome to Geocaching.

Best to just get out there and find some caches, if you have any problems just ask .

Its also good to Attend Events , thats where you can meet more weird Geocachers that look for plastic boxes hidden in the bushes. :D :D

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1100 or more caches found
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Re: Newbie

Post by roundcircle » 18 June 13 9:34 am

Nedlam Tribe wrote:I have signed up on here, & on the C:GEO app, can u have multiple members as in Team?
You can have multiple members in a team. It's quite common in families.

Good luck. And don't be afraid to come back and ask.

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Re: Newbie

Post by spatialriq » 18 June 13 2:35 pm

c:geo works with (GC) caches, so you'll need to have an account on that site to use c:geo ... it's free. (GCA) accesses GC caches as well as GCA caches. If you want to find GCA caches you'll also need the app called 'GA Cacher'.

Sorry to make it slightly confusing but best thing to do is just get out there and try to find one. Make sure you read the info about what sized cache you're looking for, and the hint if there's one. The previous finders logs are also helpful sometimes as they might mention where or how the cache is hidden ... might even be a photo of where it is.

Good luck & Welcome!

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6000 or more caches found
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Welcome to Geocaching

Post by pjmpjm » 22 June 13 6:40 pm

Welcome aboard! And good luck with your geocaching!

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