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Post by Oz Mega Committee » 12 June 13 9:00 pm

The Oz Mega Committee has been planning our next OZ MEGA CANBERRA event for about one year now and progressed a great deal with many adjustments in those last 12 months.

After the first 5 months of planning we were made aware that QLD was also planning a MEGA event. We had many locations and dates in mind, but one location that we could not get at any other time , that suited,was the EPIC or Exhibition Park. So, we booked it and had a contract done up in May , 2012 but left it unsigned . If nothing else could be found with venues or dates at least we had that booking set . Within a few weeks others were trying to take our booking venue and dates at Exhibition Park.
We then started talks with the QLD Mega Committee to consult with them of their intended dates, venues etc etc.
After xmas, we looked at all the possible variables of dates of months and years and venues . After many meetings and studies, we decided to progress with the date and venue that has the most positives.We decided it was best for all concerned to move our date and our venue as well.

The OZ MEGA event will now be held at the Queanbeyan Showground in 2016. The dates will be at Easter time in March from Thursday 24th to Monday 28th.
In February this year the Oz Mega Committee had a meeting with the Queanbeyan Council and it was found we were granted all the components we requested except one , bonfires.
Over the next 2 months we progressed with two more components needed first as detailed below:

1/ The full catering will be controlled by James of the local Jusojara team. His scouts contacts will handle all the days food menus with his rotation of local scouts. All the proceeds of the meals will go towards local scouts groups. All the fresh produce and ingredients will be purchased locally.
In return the scouts will assist the Committee with many of our needs during the event including ropes, marquees, metal stakes for signage, and many more items streamlined later.

2/ The second component we needed to have in place is plenty of showers and toilets. These will be brought in on 2 semi trailers . Around 40 extra toilets and 30 extra showers separated for men and ladies will be on site for the duration of the event. There will be staff brought in from interstate to fully service them. The staff will camp onsite and constantly maintain the toilets and showers. There are showers and toilets on hand now, but we don’t know the final tally of attendees this far out.

The main reasons for our new date and location:
1/ 2016 is a rare year in that Easter is in March . This is very important in the region as it gets very chilly from April on.
2/ Daylight savings finishes the weekend after the event. This is also a huge factor in our intentions.
3/ The Queanbeyan Showground is very large and we can accommodate large campers and powered sites.
4/ The showground is not only picturesque but is very green year around and fully treelined with nice high fences for both privacy and security.
5/ The proximity sees it located close to many venues. A/ The Tourism Centre is on the edge of showground and police across the road. B/ Petrol and fast food outlets within 2 minutes. C/ Shops, food supplies , ATM’s all within walking distance D/ The showground is only 1km as the crow flies from the ACT border.
6/ Very good 5 bar mobile reception within the showground and town.

At this stage the Committee intends on holding a GC OZ MEGA event day towards the end of this year with a free BBQ, probably at the showground . This will see more information given to locals , many sub Committees formed and some streamlining of ideas. We have received many enquiries from locals wishing to be involved and we have not forgotten you . This will be the day to get involved.

At present , we are holding the name OZ MEGA CANBERRA till the end of the year. The Committee will decide if we change the name then. Until then, it will stay as is.

We will keep you updated with information both on the GA forums and our facebook page. We have no intention of starting a website for a good while yet as it is like putting up the starting field for the 2016 Melbourne Cup . There will be two MEGA events before ours, so plenty of time.We do have plenty of Sponsors and stallholders but will also respect that two other MEGA events will occur before this one.The Committee will announce them gradually over time.

The Committee thanks all geocachers for their patience until now for updates.
We look forward to a full progress now towards Australia’s 5th MEGA event.

Oz Mega Committee

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2800 or more caches found
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Post by MtnLioness » 12 June 13 11:31 pm

Interesting developments.

I can't understand why you'll be keeping the CANBERRA part of the name given that Queanbeyan isn't in the A.C.T. rather it is in N.S.W.
Seems rather conflicting? Contradictory? Either way, I'm confused. :-k

It is a better choice to keep it to the Easter weekend as that seems to be the most popular and free weekend for a vast majority of people.

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Team Pathfinder
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6000 or more caches found
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Post by Team Pathfinder » 13 June 13 12:33 am

While we are really happy to hear that all of the Mega plans are coming together we have to admit to being a little disappointed for ourselves. We had planned to be able to attend both events if they where to be held in the same year, that is we would have come across from WA and toured around between events. We are now thinking we are going to have to pick which we will attend as coming across to the East coast three years in a row will prove to be too costly for us. Still there is a lot of time between now and 2016 and many things could change eh?

It is never an easy task to organize such a huge extravaganza as a Mega and you sure can't please everyone.

Cheers all


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