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The Spindoctors
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Re: Armchair discoveries

Post by The Spindoctors » 20 May 13 11:53 pm

I've had a number of armchair discoveries. Doesn't affect me. If people want to 'cheat' go right ahead. Don't understand their motivation and I don't care.

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6500 or more caches found
6500 or more caches found
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Re: Armchair discoveries

Post by Richary » 21 May 13 12:20 am

I got more concerned about people who had published trackable codes online, and they went around the world several times a day. I deleted any of those logs that came into my caches, even though I understand it doesn't actually affect the logs on the coin. Luckily that is a trend that hasn't seemed to have happened as much for the last few years. Absolutely pointless to my mind, what does it achieve, you get kudos for (not) moving a trackable 15000 km?

Time this game got back to actually finding tupperware (or preferably ammo tins) in the bush. I will still move trackables, but not always and don't bother discovering them if I don't take them from a cache or event. If I can move it then the owner gets a warm fuzzy that it is still going, but really it wouldn't change my enjoyment of the game if they weren't there.

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