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overseas PQs

Posted: 19 September 12 11:32 am
by colleda
We will be going to Turkey very soon. How can I set up Pocket Queries to cover Turkey.
At the moment I only download to GSAK 500 local PQs each week so I'm not sure how to go about doing more than 500 at a time.
We will be using a Garmin Etrex 20. Are there free maps we can download for Turkey or are we restricted to garmin maps only?
Thanks in advance

Re: overseas PQs

Posted: 19 September 12 12:32 pm
by GhostGums
You can set up a PQ around co-ordinates. Work out the co-ordinates of where you will be and set them up. Travelling OS I just set up a PQ with the co-ordinates of the hotel, select you radius and go.

Might be worth working our how many caches there are in Turkey, because if there aren't too many you can do a selection via country.

For doing more than 500, you will find a box near the top that has the limit, just put in a 1000 in there. PQs between 500 and 1000 need to be downloaded (can do that through GSAK), and wont come through via email.

Re: overseas PQs

Posted: 19 September 12 12:41 pm
by rubai
Looking at your profile it looks like you are a premium member, so the process is quite simple.
  • Head over to
  • In the 'Days to Generate' select the day you want the PQ to run (remember its western US time), select 'Run this query once then delete it' if you just want to run it once
  • In the 'Caches Total' box you can enter the number of caches you'd like in the PQ. It looks like there are about 600 caches in all of Turkey. If you set it to the maximum of 1000 you should get them all without any issues.
  • In the 'Within' section select the radio button for 'Countries' and scroll down in the list and select Turkey
  • You can leave all other options as their default selection
  • Click the 'Submit Information' at the bottom of the page and you will receive an email once the PQ is ready.
  • If the PQ isn't attached to the email then you can download it from

Re: overseas PQs

Posted: 19 September 12 1:37 pm
by Tuena
There are 618 caches in Turkey incl. 4 events so one PQ will cover the entire country.

Re: overseas PQs

Posted: 19 September 12 3:54 pm
by colleda
Many thanks for that. I had mistakenly thought 500 was the limit.

Re: overseas PQs

Posted: 19 September 12 6:12 pm
by CraigRat
colleda wrote:Many thanks for that. I had mistakenly thought 500 was the limit.
The 500 cache limit is only on pq's you get emailed to you, if you download them off gc without emailing them both is a limit of 1000

Re: overseas PQs

Posted: 19 September 12 10:39 pm
by danozz
You can use this site to generate OSM maps.
It's a very simple process, you can select the country you'd like for your map file, and if that's not enough you can customise it, by selecting or deselecting the map areas that make it into your map file.
After that, you enter in your email, a few minutes to half a day later you can expect a link to be sent to you. Follow the link and download the *.img map. Plug your eTrex 20 into your computer, find the folder with your current maps, and drag your new map into there. If your new maps have the same filename as your current ones, best to rename your new maps so you don't overwrite and lose anything. Then there is a menu somewhere on the eTrex 20 to enable your new map and disable your old one.

If you can't follow that then chuck a reply up and I can try to be clearer!

Re: overseas PQs

Posted: 21 September 12 10:31 am
by colleda
Thanks rubai I have fumbled my way and eventually got it sorted with your help.

danozz. Have found the page ofr map request and have selected Tirkey but I see nowhere to record my email address. I clicked on the download box and found a page with a list of files thus ... c2d1187b1/

I'm guessing that the file I need is osm generic

Am I correct in assuming I can click and drag this file to my etrex? If so, where do I place it?
The current map on the SD is Oz, file name; gmapbmap (49808KB).

Also, it seems I have successfully downloaded the gmapsupp which is now in a temp folder on my HD. Where do I go from here?

Re: overseas PQs

Posted: 22 September 12 1:50 am
by danozz
Hey colleda, there was an email address thing in the past but it may be different nowadays. Looks like you figured that part out so no problems there.

Extract the .img file from the .zip. Then (assuming you run windows and that plugging in your etrex creates a new drive on your My Computer) open said new drive. Inside there will be the Garmin folder with all your important GSr files. Drag your .img in there.

When your GPSr is turned on and you are looking at the map screen, you hit your menu button once and select Setup Maps. You can then enable your new one, disable your old one.

Recanted from memory so if I've skipped a step let me know!

Re: overseas PQs

Posted: 11 October 12 3:22 am
by colleda
Last day in Turkey and all has gone well. Thanks everyone for you help.