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Leap Frog Winner Still doing the Rounds!

Posted: 10 April 12 3:16 am
by Zalgariath
:frogette Well that is just hilarious! One of Zhaomin's Leapfrogs Bao-Bao during the race managed to win both the Longest Single Move and Longest Total Distance catagories. At the end of January Zhaoy decided she wanted to retire Bao-Bao and keep her...

...until I Frog-napped her, whacked a TB Dog Tag around her neck and deposited her unceremoniously in our new cache in Beijing, China while on holidays :twisted: Zhaoy needless to say was not very happy 8-[ But at least I did give her the mission to return to Oz, with the challenge to beat Zhao there! She was now a hybrid GCA-Movable / GC-Travel Bug.

This I knew was perhaps optimistic and chances were she would end up in Alaska. In all the excitement, we actually plum forgot to log a "Move" on Bao-Bao and her pin was still sitting somewhere in County Meath, Ireland. #-o

Enter Pwags. Who yesterday was on a completely unrelated visit to China, and spotted a nice tourist friendly cache near to them. Imagine the surprise when the open the cache page to discover the box was hidden by a couple of GCA'rs.... image the shock to open the cache... and find a Leap Frog inside :shock: :frog hahahahaha

Against all hope it seems not only will Bao-Bao make it back home... but do so on her first move since becoming a TB :lol:

It is a funny old game we play... and a VERY Small world indeed! \:D/ THANKS PWAGS!