Send pesky a Postcard turns 6!

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Re: Send pesky a Postcard turns 6!

Post by ruralslicker » 30 July 12 10:01 am

Hi Pesky - thanks for the timely reminder!

Bought a card of the town here quite a while ago, but due to some sort of brain fade never got around to doing the clues and posting it :shock: . Anyway, it’s now on its way.

My card shows a fishing scene at Lake Hyland, one of the attractions of this small country town where I live. There are quite a few caches around or near this lake, and right in town (some of which are mine GC & GCA). Plenty also to be found in the surrounding area.

The Annual Gippsland Gathering (Cache Event) is held here at the Lake every January. A Monash University campus is nearby.

Really enjoyed doing a very different type of cache - thanks! =D>


UPDATE: My postcard has now appeared on the website, and has therefore been logged. My first locationless. Thanks again Pesky!
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900 answers to the unknown mysteries of life
900 answers to the unknown mysteries of life
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Re: Send pesky a Postcard turns 6!

Post by SamWalkers » 31 July 12 12:15 am

I posted some one a pancake as a postcard once.
It got there with a stamp and post mark.

Would that do?

I suspect that the automatic hanger may bee too hard on cooked food stuff.

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6000 or more caches found
6000 or more caches found
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New Pesky Post Card Challenge

Post by pjmpjm » 31 July 12 1:03 am

Pesky! wrote: This cache needs a freshen up! So here is a new challenge! All previous senders can participate. Send me a postcard, but it must be one you have devised yourself.
You'll be receiving another one from me soon!

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