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Re: Cache contents

Posted: 29 April 12 11:44 pm
by FelixII
Now this may sound negative, but it's meant to be an honest question?

Seriously does anyone expect to find swaps in a mint tin?

Lateley we have put out a few mint tins or similar sized caches and NOT put swaps in so that trackables might just fit....

Next thing we know the logs are coming in that there were now swaps and some have been left, leaving yet again NO ROOM for trackables. We keep trying to move trackables on but cannot find big enough caches or caches that are either very muggle friendly or don't get visited for 5 months at a time! ](*,) :-" :-"

Re: Cache contents

Posted: 29 April 12 11:58 pm
by TwoDrews
2max wrote:
TwoDrews wrote:I'm glad you like the idea! Go for it. There's only one condition I set - when you have your kids pack assembled you must post a photo of it here for us, okay?
So following up on the above, which I posted several weeks ago.. I have put my 'girly' swap idea into action. Pics as promised.
I started with these:

and ended up with these:
Wow! Really impressive! I think when some little girl finds one of these in a cache she'll be rapt. You've gone the extra mile, well done! =D> =D> =D>

Re: Cache contents

Posted: 30 April 12 7:38 am
by embi
TwoDrews wrote:Here's an idea for kid's booty I came up with today.........Comments welcome.
I think that is a great idea. I started caching back in 2001 and the cache quality was out of this world compared to today.
Over the years I have watched things go downhill and just recently now that my kids are starting to get old enough (3 & 5 yrs) we have started chasing caches again. But it's disappointing for them when there is nothing to swap. Often I grab something from our swaps bag to put into the cache so they can take something out.

I think my daughters would love to come across one of your kids packs. I think I'll look at doing something similar.