A motto to follow when placing caches

For all your general chit chat, caching or not.

Would you follow this motto?

Yes, I would follow this
No, I would not follow this
Total votes: 55

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Re: A motto to follow when placing caches

Post by Philipp » 13 October 11 3:10 pm

team waldron wrote:Please define "crap cache".
The only reason bringing people to the spot is the geocache.

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Re: A motto to follow when placing caches

Post by chillibutts » 13 October 11 4:37 pm

Yurt wrote:
team waldron wrote:
MtnLioness wrote:I agree,
There are a few of us in Adelaide who are becoming self admitted cache snobs (and a few of those who wouldn't admit it, =; ) and between ourselves we have discussed raising the standards because quite frankly we are tired of crap caches.

Please define "crap cache".
For mine, an uncamoed, magnet-less Eclipse tin with a wet lump of Post-it notes inside thrown under a rubbish strewn bush...

But that's just me! :mrgreen:
LOL ... seen a few of those!

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Marcus Vitruvius
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5000 or more caches found
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Re: A motto to follow when placing caches

Post by Marcus Vitruvius » 13 October 11 8:35 pm

I voted 'No'...The motto 'if you like' that I keep in mind when placing a cache is 'Every cache should have at least one thing going for it'....whether it be; the view, the walk, the location, the cache itself (as in unique...clever...etc), the puzzle, history learned....anything. When I place a cache, my aim is for the finder to come away with having gained something from their experience...whatever that may be. So...on the flip side, to define a 'so-called' crap cache...would be a cache that offers absolutely nothing...which when you look at it, is actually quite hard to achieve...The hider would have to place a cache with absolutely no thought in mind at all. Granted, there have been plenty of caches over the years that I have found that I have walked away from thinking 'WTF', but the more experienced I become, and before I bag out a cache as being simply 'crap', I run through all the potential things a cache could have, and if I can't come up with one...then and only then do I deem it 'crap'.

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Re: A motto to follow when placing caches

Post by dcr » 09 November 11 11:52 pm

caughtatwork wrote:Sometimes it's not the cache, it's the journey.
I'd have to agree with this, my favourite cache so far was a DNF but what a journey. Being my favourite, I'm not sure how many of these caches other cachers would want to find on their to do list ;)

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