The Future of Caching?

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2000 or more caches found
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Re: The Future of Caching?

Post by Bewilderbeest » 22 June 11 8:58 am

Laighside Legends wrote:I still don't quite get this...
Why not just create a locationless cache with the challenge as the logging requirement?
If you want to do this challenge, there's nothing stopping you from creating the locationless cache(s) on GCA...

(although you might have to allow people to "fudge" the coordinates when they log a find; you dont want to make people log their home coordinates)

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Re: The Future of Caching?

Post by Hoojar » 04 July 11 4:48 pm

Laighside Legends wrote:Does that mean that someone should set a 10km (and/or 20km) from home challenge cache in Adelaide, someone else should do it in Melbourne and so on, so everyone can complete the challenge no matter where they live? If so then what about the caches who regularly travel around Australia (eg. everlasting, maccamob, ect..), they would soon get many finds for one "challenge".
It doesn't seam right to me... :-k
Seems perfectly fine to me. It is no different to one person creating any kind of puzzle cache, and others replicating that puzzle in numerous locations. Once you know how to solve one, you can solve them all. I can come up the countless examples of this occurring.

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