What to do for the cacher that has everything ..

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Mind Socket
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What to do for the cacher that has everything ..

Post by Mind Socket » 08 May 03 2:46 pm

Just thought I'd share with everyone a most interesting experience I had on my birthday recently ...

First of all, some background ... My brother (gc alias: Barnesy) recently started geocaching and subsequently put out his first cache (which I've yet to visit, sorry bro! :) ). Inside were textas and instructions relating to them. A geocacher with sandy feet mistook them for swaps and took them on his virgin find, to the dismay of the 2 Dogs who were next there.

The situation was rectified and I came to acquire the textas from Sandy Feet. On my next visit to Barnesy's place, I hid the textas in 4 bundles around the yard, and proceeded to anonymously SMS him coordinates. It is from this, I am sure, that the following return gesture ensued.

On the eve of my birthday, just before going to bed, I received SMS coordinates from my brother. Hastily plotting them using cheatisearch, I saw that they were somewhere in the vicinity of my workplace. So, the next day, upon arrival, I proceeded to sheepishly chase my GPS arrow around the carpark at work for these mysterious coordinates. If you thought urban geocaching could be uncomfortable, try it in front of your coworkers! ;) I gave up quickly, and after a brief ICQ exchange with Barnesy to confirm there was something to be found, I revisited the carpark, now distinctly less populated with people arriving. Once I'd narrowed down on GZ, I discovered ... a geobirthday site! ...

Inside a tupperware container was a clever message based on the standard gc.com note, a crunchie bar and a brand new car/serial adapter for my GPS! As the note said, and I paraphrase since I don't have the note on me, "Geobirthday is a great way for anyone with a GPS and a sense of adventure to have a birthday".

Fortunately, being a geobirthday and not a geocache, the private property and food in cache rules were waived. ;)

Thanks Barnesy! :)
- Mind Socket

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Post by Dooghan » 08 May 03 8:36 pm

I like it. Might have to steal and use the idea myself


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Post by EcoTeam » 08 May 03 9:03 pm

For XMAS before last I opened one of my presents from Santa and got GPS co-ords!
A quick hunt in the backyard revealed the stash!

Totally Clueless(tm)
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Post by Horus » 09 May 03 11:38 am

Excellent story MS, will have to borrow that one for our 12 year olds (Caching Kid) next birthday. Fitting a mountain bike in a tupperware container might prove to be a bit of a headache though, maybe another Britney Spear CD would work better. . . and a hell of a lot cheaper :)

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The Ginger Loon
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Post by The Ginger Loon » 09 May 03 11:41 am

Horus wrote: maybe another Britney Spear CD would work better. . . and a hell of a lot cheaper :)
<P>Yes but think of the psychological cost... :wink:

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Post by Pesky! » 09 May 03 12:38 pm

Yes, this type of thing worked well on some of the geomonkeys last year for thier birthdays too.

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Team Piggy
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Post by Team Piggy » 09 May 03 1:12 pm

Sounds cool, i had thought about it but never got around to doing it.

Slider & Smurf
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Not just for birthdays ...

Post by Slider & Smurf » 09 May 03 10:49 pm

The MaccaKids did something similar for Maccamob's 30th wedding anniversary last year - with four out of five in the family (plus the son-in-law!) all keen cachers, would you expect anything else?! :roll:<br>
GeoJo set up the multicache and SMS'ed the initial coords, with the final destination a pub in Geelong for a family dinner - the surprise was Slider & I had taken a couple of days off work and stealthed over the border from Adelaide the day before ... couldn't log any of the caches we did that day, as it would have given the game away we were in town!<br>
Needless to say the evening was a huge hit :D as it had been a couple of years since the whole family was in the same spot at once. The looks of surprise on Mary & David's faces were priceless.<br>

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