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Re: Cycling Observations

Posted: 11 January 11 12:00 am
by MtnLioness
It AIN'T rubbish I keep tellin ya!
If it can be used still by someone other that the dumpee, it AIN'T rubbish!

Re: Cycling Observations

Posted: 11 January 11 8:14 am
by Just a cacher
I'm with you, Mtnlioness! It's NOT rubbish!
In our family, the ideal outing involves the hard rubbish piles, the old Gemini wagon, and several trips. I miss that, living in Canberra!

We do prefer the car, though, as it fits more stuff.


Re: Cycling Observations

Posted: 17 January 11 8:35 pm
by bikerbuddy
Hi, this is the first time I've written anything for this forum, but the subject of weird things and cycling struck a chord.

Riding along the M4 in Sydney can be surprising. It looks fairly boring from the car, but I've spotted all sorts of things from kids toys, life jackets, furniture etc.

The weirdest thing I saw was a goat head, mounted on the guard rail just west of Bennet Road. It looked like it had been ritually slain just for the purpose (or maybe that was my imagination?) Over the weeks as I rode into Sydney I watched it slowly rot away until there was nothing left but the skull . Anyone I asked who only drove the freeway knew nothing about the head, which I eventually called Daniel (after a student I once taught).

Re: Cycling Observations

Posted: 25 March 11 4:09 pm
by SamWalkers
I am astonished how often I pick up wheel nuts off the road. :shock:

* Someone driving along with their mobile phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other, leaving a thumb and two fingers holding the steering wheel; ;
Seen the other day; driver steering with left hand with cigarette AND mobile phone in the other. ](*,)