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Gnome Rules Question

Posted: 31 December 10 7:37 am
by solomonfamily
Hi I have a rules question

Like others, I 'found' a gnome (GA2819) at a recent event, it has now moved within distance for me to try grab him but......

with regards to the rule

<quote>•There is no limit to the number of times other cachers can find / move the cache provided there are at least two other finds / moves in between

Does this mean that there has to be two finds or two moves
Or does it mean
There has to be two finds and two moves

I am sure others have encountered this.... what do you reckon can I go gram him?

Re: Gnome Rules Question

Posted: 31 December 10 8:03 am
by Just a cacher
Well, I think the rule is meant to make sure that two CACHERS have had the gnome in between your previous find and your next find.

In this particular case, I can't see a problem with you finding him again now. Others may not agree........?


Edited to add: On re-reading the cache page, it seems to me that you would be wasting your time looking for him anyway, as the latest log says he's already gone from there.

Re: Gnome Rules Question

Posted: 31 December 10 8:22 am
by emily~angel
I have thought of that after a cacher and I went out gnoming together, we both found the gnomes but only one of us moved know with how slow some gnomes are moving I do not see a problem with moving it is there are 2 names between you, but then again I am not the rule maker.

Re: Gnome Rules Question

Posted: 31 December 10 12:19 pm
by caughtatwork
Moves or finds.

Person A
Person B
Person C

Person A can do it again, but person B cannot yet.
It's to stop a pair of people travelling and "dropping" it off every now and then along their route.

Re: Gnome Rules Question

Posted: 31 December 10 1:15 pm
by solomonfamily
Yeah I understood the intent, and I am accepting the ruling I am just lucky that I got in early with my find log.

The cache itself only moved centermeters at the event itself. So technically there has only been one move since I signed the log.

As it happens I missed the boat; I was TOLD "only a short way away (in caching terms)" was too far to get picked up before our walk in the Botanicals this morning...