Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

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Re: Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

Post by Richary » 18 December 10 1:38 am

homedg wrote:i keep hearing terms of "You", "They", "US" and organisaton names I won't mention at the risk of being segregated [AGAIN].
If you were referring to my mention of a US cacher, I was simply referring to someone from the United States of America who I had the pleasure of spending a day caching with back in Sydney on her way back through before she flew home. One of our international visitors who loved the previous event and has already signalled her intent to come back for this one.

So I was using that as an example for those who need to fly in to get there.

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Re: Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

Post by homedg » 18 December 10 1:50 am

Sorry to confuse you Richary, My comment was based around people talking on behalf of other multitudes. :shock:

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Fairly Magic
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Re: Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

Post by Fairly Magic » 18 December 10 3:08 am

I'm confused which is probably not hard at this hour. But if we camp free for two nights and then move how much do the other nights cost? Seems to be a hidden cost somewhere? We missed the first mega and this progressive idea doesn't float my boat.

We've done a lot of touring all over Tas on motorbikes. Rallying was all about the friendships and tall stories. Our megaevent was tasrally 2500 motorcyclists where the main focus was still friendship and tall stories - just included more beer, bands and a couple of comps. :wink:

Perhaps there will be a party that is more basic for those with simpler tastes.

Cheers Quilter

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Re: Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

Post by Fuddley » 18 December 10 7:19 am

I'd like to say well done guys for putting this event together, and while I will not say at this stage that we will not come, we are looking to the NZ Megga as our first option, for several reasons 1.our budget will more than likely only allow one of these types of trips every few years. 2.NZ will be something new i.e. the first Megga in NZ. and 3.If we travel from QLD down to your event we would have to camp along the way, which means setting and packing camp every night on the way down and on the way back, last time it was nice once we got there just to setup and stay put for a few nights.

Anyway good luck with it, and you never know we may see you there, but at this stage I will not guarantee it.

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Re: Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

Post by oldfella » 18 December 10 7:22 am

Congratulations on this idea. My personal tgought are you held this too close to your chest for too long and even after NZ showed an interest there was still no hint that easter 2012 was essentially taken. My preference is for NZ as i have attended Australias firs MEGA and would love to atend NZ's first MEGA. Hopiong that it is still on. Even though easter 2012 is still a long way off my application for leave for 2012 is due in by 30/04/11 and I can not say I will not be attending the OZ EVENT but it will be a long drive for us to be away from home for just a week.

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Re: Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

Post by winglen » 18 December 10 9:15 am

Tough job being an organiser, with the impossible task of trying to please everyone. People located all over this very large island, so that wherever you hold an event there will be some who have to travel long distances at considerable expense and others who find it almost on their doorstep. Some who don't want to do the competition, some who don't want to sit around socialising but will cache all night, some who are of retirement age while others have young families. Some who like crowds, some who like space. Some who don't eat fish, some who don't like this music or that. Some who may want a carbon copy of the last Mega because it was so much fun, some who want something different and would complain if the very same formula was adopted.

I wonder whether any consensus would have emerged if the committee had consulted via the forum - my suspicion is that consultation would have revealed a very wide range of likes and dislikes, and given them no clear solution. A hung parliament perhaps.

Anyway well done organisers - we will be there, even though we have covered this area many times. We'll be there for the company, the scenery, the new caches that are bound to be placed and so on. We'll continute to watch with interest and anticipation.

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Map Monkey
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Re: Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

Post by Map Monkey » 18 December 10 9:27 am

homedg wrote:i keep hearing terms of "You", "They", "US" and organisaton names I won't mention at the risk of being segregated [AGAIN].

Where are the Politcicans that banned me last time I had a view about Geocaching in NSW, about FREE and OPEN etc.

Where are the voices?

[Hidden behind the bunker of Membership Fee's is my Guess]
What are you on about HD?? :? This has nothing to do with your personal issues with "them", so can we please stick to the topic at hand. =D>

From a travelling perspective, the progressive nature of the Event will limit my attendance options to driving with a camper trailer in tow. Whilst car hire companies are being sourced from what i understand, the accomodation needs to link in with these arrangements....hopefully that'll sort itself out in due course. 8)

I should say that Cached's thoughts are interesting, one which I personally hadn't considered until now, mainly due to the Event being so far off, however they represent some concerns which should be looked at or at the very least discussed openly to hopefully resolve some components. I see no problem with her discussing these concerns on behalf of her friends from FB i believe (of which i am not a friend apparently :( :wink: ).

I'm on the fence at to whether to commit to this Event, namely due to how far off it is still, as well as i would imagine things are bound to change on an Event of this nature.

I hope that the committee understand that these discussions are not a reflection on their abilities, rather the genuine concerns of some members which based on the timeframe available, could be discussed openly and without unnecessary negativity in the thread. \:D/

just my opinion....


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Re: Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

Post by Cached » 18 December 10 10:04 am

Homedg - you're coming close to trolling now. I won't moderate my own thread, but please, keep it civil and refrain from personal attacks.

I will write another lengthy reply this evening. Mr Coffee - you're not being ignored.

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Re: Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

Post by MtnLioness » 18 December 10 11:29 am

shrek4 wrote:Some interesting thoughts have been raised. At the end of the day the Committee has stuck up their hand to offer to put on an event which I'm sure will be fantastic.

Could it have been better at a different location? Perhaps, but was there a Committee elsewhere who put their hand up? No
Exactly, so if people didn't offer up help then people shouldn't complain

shrek4 wrote: As to the fee, yes it may be higher than the last Mega, but I recall saying many times with disbelief 'how can they pull this off with such a small fee?" We'd of happily paid twice or thrice that! I don't think value for money is something people will walk away from the next Mega with negative thoughts about.
As someone who has been a part of the Music Industry on the Eastern coast of Australia & Florida for the last 12 years (Florida - 2 years) I can offer other options for Music if you so desire as I also do not enjoy Boot-scooting nor Country Music in the least. I can even put you in touch with the organizers of the Biggest Music Festival in Qld (Easterfest/AGMF, 3 days, camping + tonnes of Music) for some other ideas. In regards to the Price, that is a pittance to pay for such a weekend and those who are complaining about it obviously have no idea how high it really could be! Try getting into Big Day Out with a Family for less, Try getting into Easterfest with a Family for less!! Wouldn't happen! Trust me!! I think people should be grateful that the hard-working organizers have kept it so low and affordable!
I know what it takes to compile such a mighty feat of accommodating and catering for so many people!
shrek4 wrote: At the end of the day it's a personal choice as to attend or not and if you do attend, how you go about it. Some people will surely go to socialise, other to trade path-tags. Some will stroll through the activities and play the game whilst others will power through it quicker than Oprah with a block of Cadbury's finest. We all value the opportunity for different reasons and in different ways.
I personally am not interested in the games and competetions as I know others will go headlong into them and beat me at them anyway, so I don't see the point. I would rather hang behind and socalize with that is my choice.
As for SA being spoken for, I would like to speak for myself as I am not privy to the silent conversations going on behind closed doors attempting to represent ALL of SA. I know that a vast majority of SA would relish the chance to be there, irregardless of the minor concerns voiced thus far, purely for the FUN, the socalizing and the caching, because that's really what it's all about isn't it? Or was there something I was missing?
Cached wrote:We're concerned. The progressive part of this adventure has dangerous written all over it.
Pray tell me....What exactly is Dangerous about it? I can't fathom how?
Seems a bit of a Knee jerk reaction to me!
Cached wrote: For those coming from South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia - this will not be a cheap exercise. Might be a cheapy for you, but many of us need to travel fair across the country for this.
As you did last did it once, so why the sudden aversion to the same thing?
shrek4 wrote: My hat is off to the organising Committee and would be only too HAPPY to help out in any major or minor way if you are looking for a SA rep.
I would support this nomination

Everyone Calm down, take a deep breath and Chillax!!
It's supposed to be FUN!! \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

The Wackys
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Re: Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

Post by The Wackys » 18 December 10 11:43 am

My 2c worth which will be all I have to say on the matter, they are definitely NOT attacks by any means, just things that have come to my mind:

- I appreciate just how much effort has been put into planning this event, I for one am too slack to get around to doing any such thing, so I greatly admire those who have got off their butts and organised events - my humble applause to you all!
- Not everyone can be pleased, I'm sure the organisers are fully aware of this, I just hope everybody else can understand this too
- I really wish that a lot of what is being raised (from both the organisers and the potential attendees) was not taken as personal attacks, people have a right to raise concerns or point out potential issues, and the organisers have the right to respond, but it doesn't need to be taken so personally, please remember that the written word does not always come across with the spirit it was intended
- There is time for issues to be raised, discussed and resolved if possible, and this will naturally occur if everyone is willing to discuss things openly without personal attacks or being defensive

As for the actual event:
- Being a regular bush camper, setting up and breaking camp is quite common place for us, so the hassle isn't so much the issue (for us), but I absolutely dread the convoy of vehicles between the camp sites
- I personally would prefer to stay in one place because of the social aspect of the event, setting up and breaking camp, plus the travelling time will reduce the time you can spend with friends you don't get to see often, and friends you are only just making, and I can see a lot of frustration happening in the process
- Given it will take me a few days to get to the event is another reason I'd prefer to stay in one spot for the weekend
- Country and western is certainly not to my taste, I know you can't please everyone, but the last event was also country and western
- The competitions don't interest me, so I just wouldn't be doing them anyway

Why I'll possibly go to the NZ event instead:
- I will be living in Tassie by that time, and the cost of getting there would actually be greater than getting to the NZ event, and financially I could certainly not afford to do both
- I have already well and truly seen the area this event is being held in
- I love NZ so much that the last time I visited, I nearly put down a deposit on a house in Methven

So no offence guys, but I may not be there - it's nothing personal, and it's a long way off so the situation may very well change yet, but either way, I sincerely thank you for your efforts in putting on the event, it is a huge challenge, and I wish you every success!

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Re: Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

Post by bshwckr » 18 December 10 11:49 am

Cached, thanks for bravely injecting some interesting debate. You raise some valid points that will be a concern to some people. This type of debate can only be good for the greater caching community and contribute to a better MEGA experience.
I believe that the work done to date is exceptional and I have no problem with this being done in secrecy and then launched to the forum. If everyone had a say in it, and a decision was made, there would still be some unhappy people.
I missed the first MEGA due to other commitments, so I am really looking forward to the next one. I would love to catch up with everyone and socialise. As for the festivities etc, I intend to participate in those which sound fun and ignore those which don't.
As for the move mid event, I like a bit of variety. And if anyone needs a lift, I should have 2 or 3 spare seats.

The only thing that will keep me away is if the New Zealand MEGA is on the same weekend. (Unless it is in Auckland)

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Re: Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

Post by Zalgariath » 18 December 10 11:58 am

(Wow! in the time took me to write this 4 more replies came in hahaha. Saying a lot of the same things... 8-[ Oh Well! SUBMIT! :D)

I find it amusing that most of the the discussion is a topic purely because of one word.. MEGA.

Yes they are rare, and yes they are good fun (so I hear.. I missed the last one :( ) But, if you ignore that word things are pretty simple... this is a Geocaching EVENT. It is based on an Idea, Geography, and a Group of people wanting to share their time with fellow Cachers to organise some fun.

Events happen every week. Im sure there are AWESOME events around the country I never even hear about, let alone attend. I am hosting a Farewell event next month before I leave for the UK and if 5 people showed up it'll be great fun and I'll be chuffed. There is a lot of pressure on those seeking Mega status due to the number requirements, but at the end of the day does it really matter?

I think this topic is good for raising some issues the event committee might like to double check, like accommodation and so on so good on Cached for having the proverbials to start it... knowing she could get flamed. =D> I hope some useful feedback continues to be generated, and I think Mr Coffee is well demonstrating the professionalism of the committee in his responses, and that is how these things should work :D But at the end of the day, HOW the event is run in terms of format and WHAT happens there in terms of activities and entertainment is up to the organisers. If it fails to attract 500 names and doesnt reach the magic MEGA status, will it have failed? If 300 people rock up and all those who do attend have a ripper time is that a fail? I dont think so.

As with ANY event the organisers set things up to attract their audience in the best way they see fit. People look at the geography, the costs, the logistics, and if the event appeals to them. People will look at my farewell event, at a pub, on a tuesday night, in suburban Sydney, and go you know what.... I dont know Zal that well, I dont drink, it's a school night, I live in Wollongong... and it's my mum's birthday. Good Luck Zal, but I wont be there. And that is fine.

Everyone wants to Attend Mega's, and the organisers have a doosey of a time trying to get things sorted. Im a single, 20 something male with a ute and swag from Sydney who missed the last Mega due to work. I am SUPER excited by the prospect of attending when I get back from Europe , can set and break camp in 15 minutes and have no kids, few commitments and only a 1 day drive to get there, so Im in like Flynn. (I may hold off on the boot scooting... but a few rums will set that straight :P) You may say Im easy pleased, but I probably just represent to end of the spectrum who will have no issues and therefore not be as likely to raise comment. This obliviously is not the case for everyone, nor will it ever be regardless of where, when and how ANY event is run.

So I hope this event does reach Mega Status. I hope as many people as possible are able to attend. I hope this thread continues to stimulate tweeking and improvements to what is planned. And I hope people realise as others have said this is an idea launched by people DONATING their time and experience so you have the OPPORTUNITY to have a great weekend away. It would be great if everyone could come, but naturally only those who have the happy co-incidence of been able to will. Not everyone can, and not all those who can will.

There is always NZ... which BTW I cant wait for either \:D/ ... as long as Im not in Europe :P

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Re: Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

Post by Datruk » 18 December 10 12:12 pm

Well what a controversial forum.
I have read all the posts in all the forums about both of these events and I think that some calm needs to take place. People should stop, step back, take a deep breath and then think before posting.
The committee have put in place an event that they concider will become a MEGA event and have put it up for people to advise if they will be attending.
There have been some comments/criticisms about the area and activities that have been planned which I think should be reviewed and if necessary be taken into consideration to make this event even better.
All things considered if I had to choose I would be going to the NZ event as I have travelled the area of the Oz event many times and this would be my first trip to NZ.
However this is not set in stone. If the NZ event is in October then I would be gladly attending both.

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4000 or more? I'm officially obsessed.
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Re: Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

Post by SA_ParrotHead » 18 December 10 12:53 pm

As for SA being spoken for, I would like to speak for myself as I am not privy to the silent conversations going on behind closed doors attempting to represent ALL of SA.
Show me the quote that says this thread represents all South Australians

mrs Parrot

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Re: Concerns re 2012 Oz Mega.

Post by Greenish » 18 December 10 12:59 pm

... :D
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