Longest without a find

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Re: Longest without a find

Post by calumphing_four » 05 August 10 12:32 am

CraigRat wrote:
calumphing_four wrote: I can add First Lunar (GCP3BQ), Isle of Illusions (GC18A6G), The Full Monty (GCKH1G), A River Somewhere (GC53F9), The Shadowlands (GC18AZY) as missing from the list.
Those caches have been found at least once.

The list only shows caches with no finds to date.
After posting I did wonder whether I'd misinterrupted the meaning. :oops:
I guess this is the linkto the graph that indicates how long since a cache has been found.
BTW is it possible to exclude Events, and also add the date of the last find :?:

Cheers 8)

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Re: Longest without a find

Post by caughtatwork » 05 August 10 10:45 am

I'll have a look. Adding the last found date may make it look a bit ugly.
What's wrong with negative events :-)

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Re: Longest without a find

Post by setsujoku » 06 August 10 1:28 pm

I think that something must have gone bung in the feed again, as today's mail out shows that there are a pile of puzzle caches that have been archived, that are still actually fine.

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Re: Longest without a find

Post by CraigRat » 06 August 10 1:55 pm

I am looking at removing Archived notices for GC caches from the cache updates as they are gettign more unreliable.
(I started it last week but got distracted)

The feed should be back up to date within the next day or two.

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