Where are we all from??? (introduce yourself) parts 1&2

For all your general chit chat, caching or not.
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Post by Scuppers » 16 October 04 9:51 am

Gooday all, Am new to this geocaching thingy, but sounds like fun. Have a Magellan Meridian Platinum which I hope to utilise to find some of the caches here in Tassie. Should be able to learn heaps from this forum and eventually may be able to contribute to same. Daniel

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1500 or more caches found
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Post by Snuva » 18 October 04 9:31 am

Another Tassie cacher! yeah! but why another NORTHERNER. Are they selling GPSrs at chickenfeed in the north? is it the water! :lol:

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250 or more caches found
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Post by aloysius » 18 October 04 11:43 am

haha they give em to us for free with the tip tickets when we pay our rates :)

Im (another) north tassie cacher. located in devonport....found 3 hidden 2. Im part of team aloysius which is made up of me, my fiance and our dog (Digger).

Am totally addicted and i have had my gps less than a month.

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850 or more found!!!
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Post by CraigRat » 18 October 04 8:53 pm

Snuva wrote:Another Tassie cacher! yeah! but why another NORTHERNER. Are they selling GPSrs at chickenfeed in the north? is it the water!

Theres a few new southerners too though I see.!!

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9000 or more caches found
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Post by crew 153 » 04 November 04 10:43 pm

Hi I'm Max.
I Got hooked on cacheing from Son-in-law "Deco" and my daughter "Mrs Deco". They took me for my first search on my birthday and said there was a new cache logged. We met up with "Brett & Tracy" and I was given the GPSr to search for the new cache. I found it and WOW it was my birthday present - a GPSr of course.

I have been out cacheing with them as Team DIVEDIVEDIVE a few times since and with my better half who is not too keen on my obsession.

Our team name comes from our home coordinates and a telephone keyboard (CREW= 27°39" and 153=153°00")

I work as a Design Technical Officer for Railway Control/Communications

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Post by ben777 » 04 November 04 11:25 pm


I've never posted here before, but drop occasionally to see whats happening.

I've been geocaching since I got my GPSr in April 2002, it's a Garmin GPS 12. I describe myself as a casual cacher, finding the odd one here or there and the odd day out. So far I have 28 finds, 1 hide (pretty poor for two and a half years at this game) and much frustration over a select group of caches that I've spent a lot of time and effort over for no result (as yet).

I plan to do more geocaching in the coming months, my aim at this stage is to reach 50 caches sometime by the end of January (As if!). All of my caching so far has been concerntrated around Melbourne, but hope to find a few more out in the countryside soon.

In my day to day life I am at uni studying Geomatics, so I'm not unfamiliar with the workings of GPS, GIS and and stuff like that. I've nearly finished for the year, and will complete the degree by the end of next year.

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Post by yanooa » 07 November 04 11:17 pm

Hi Everyone
We are Yanooa. The name is the Aboriginal name for a little Island AKA Pelorus Island off Ingham in Queensland. Mick and I spent our Honeymoon at Orhpheus Island (next door) and dream of winning Lotto and buying it!!!!! We live in Bendigo, Vic and have just had our first weekend Geocaching (6 Finds). What a thrill it was to find them and discover the treasures contained. Our son Josh(6) had so much fun. Jordan (7 weeks old) enjoyed the ride also!!! My Dad introduced us to Geocaching only a couple of weeks ago and dare I say we are hooked. We have a 60 Series Landcruiser and a Magellan Colour. If anyone is in Bendigo call in to Banjo's Bakehouse and say G'day.

Look forward to meeting other geocachers.

Cheers for now


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Post by Feral 1 » 08 November 04 1:28 pm

Hi I'm called feral and i bought a garmin 72 cause it was the cheapest 1 i could find that had pc access, originally bought for fishing purposes, but i now realise that there is a whole lot more to gps's :D than just finding a favourite fishing spot again. Regards Feral

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Post by Lt. Sniper » 09 November 04 11:34 pm

Hi, my name is Alex<br><br>

I am 20 and from Brisbane, Queensland.<br><br>

I have always been a bit of a tech-head and I bought a Magellan Meridian Platinum when I was 18 which I got shipped over from the states.<br><br>

We (my Dad and I) found our first cache at “Queens landÂâ€
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Post by Easy Rollins » 13 November 04 11:51 am

G'day All,

I'm from the southside of Brissie,39yo.Still researching to buy my first GPS,prob go for a Garmin Legend.
Have a couple of small kids,hoping they will enjoy a few day trips Geocaching.Seems like a lot of fun.


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Post by kymike » 26 November 04 3:32 pm

Hello to all. Looks like geocaching is very much alive in the land down under. I live in a small town in Kentucky,USA. just south of Cincinnati Ohio.
I am trying to contact an old online friend, I think he goes by "Pesky" these days. He is one of the GeoMonkeys. We used to visit the same metal detecting sites and chat rooms. I hope he see's this post or someone relays the message to him.
Thanks in advance and keep up the great caches! :lol:

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550 or more Caches found
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Post by Mikkozzz » 01 December 04 5:08 am

G'day Aussie cachers,
My name is Mikko and I'll on caching holiday in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Ballarat and Canberra) all December. If you want to recommend some caches located in scenic areas within a hiking distance from public transportation, any hints are welcome. I already have Geocacher's guide to Blue Mountains by Webguy and mtbikeroz's list of bicycle caches in ACT. Very useful, thanks.
I've been addicted to geocaching since September 2003. I like how this hobby takes me to new places and occasionally introduces to new people.

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Post by ving » 02 December 04 1:45 pm

ASL? :lol:

Name: David
Loaction: sunny downtown Campbelltown
Age: 37 going on 15.

many other macarthurians here?

<marquee> :) </marquee>

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150 or more caches found
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Post by cruzzzinaround » 05 December 04 1:57 pm

Howdy all goecachers
my Name is Rod wife Julie we are team Cruzzzinaround from Narromine Nsw.
First herad of geocaching by a couple of drunk fisherman who were digging for woms and dug ap a cashe by mistake, I got online to find out exactley what it was all about now we intend on giving it a go ..ordered a garmin legend gps carnt wait to get started ..

we can be found at



TEAM 360
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450 or more roots tripped over
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Post by TEAM 360 » 07 January 05 3:51 am

Hello all...
You now have a Yank in your Ranks...I am in Arizona and wanted to stop by to say hello! I have been geocaching since November of 2001. Hope you all had a great Holiday and got lots of snow down there! Just kidding...does it ever snow down there? Well, I live in Prescott, Arizona, and it DOES snow up here in the winter, but I am moving back down to the Phoenix area in a few days...Glad to be here!


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