Where are we all from??? (introduce yourself) parts 1&2

For all your general chit chat, caching or not.
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Post by belford1 » 19 May 04 9:46 am

Hi and thanks to Steelrat for pointing us in the direction of this forum.

I am Belford (Bel), hubby is theborg and son (9) is Garwiz. We are soooo glad we found geocaching. It is great and we are hooked.

We are from the Hunter Valley NSW and though we have a few problems travelling distances & walking in rugged bushland, we are going to do as many as we can, and are also planning to have a few of our own caches.


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Post by guppyboy » 19 May 04 11:50 pm

Hello to all, I am Dale from Geelong I have been caching for a year now but only just signed up for the forums, I got hooked on caching when my brother and I found a small green container full of "toys" and a very soggy note with the only visible writing being the geocaching web site thanks go to Jomac for that small green container!!
As for the name guppyboy, I have been breeding different strains of tropical fish for years guppys being my favorite so the name stuck!

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Post by powerboy » 26 May 04 1:05 am

Hello all, I'm Andrew from Perth - a geomuggle up 'til April this year, I discovered geocaching through an Australian broadband forum.

Of the few I've tried, the locations are just great; all credit to the cache owners. I'm hoping to place a few of my own in the not too distant future; I can't help myself from looking at new and existing places thinking: 'wouldn't this be a great spot for a cache'.

Geocacher Status: Addicted :D

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50 or more caches found
50 or more caches found
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Post by HMAS MB » 26 May 04 6:31 pm

Heather Michael Alexandra Sara before you ask. The MB is the Surname. We are from various places but now live in one house. In Balingup WA. I was in the Navy for about 16 years as a Electronics tech. Now I am on a Pension. I used to fix Magnavox GPSr's so I know a little of the works of the rxer's but also how the Navstar and Navstar II consellation works.

H is aged UNK (Unknown) M is about 40 S is a Teenager ( PAINFUL) and A is about 8 in 5 days.

Not much more to say really!!! :D

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Post by textilis » 28 May 04 8:38 pm

Tamworth northern NSW, the names Craig and I've been using GPSr's for bushwalking for a few years now. I came across geocaching while surfing for updates on my mapping software and I thought I'd give it a go. Did our first cache and the family took interest.
Diesel/lpg/cng tech by trade, but now into photography and wildlife rescue and rehab with a real passion for raptors and reptiles, my tag "textilis" is derived from Pseudonaja textilis, a snake I most frequently have the pleasure to deal with.

¢ha®lie ÃÂ
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Post by ¢ha®lie à» 05 June 04 12:33 am

From my bio on geocache.com..... (easier than typing it twice!)<br>
Ok.. lone geocacher.. from Toowong Brisbane Qld.. Originally from the Channon in Northern NSW.. I'm a computer tech working for a school at the University of QLD.. At the moment im new to geocaching but spent some time in 41st infantry batallion nsw army-reserve.. (hence ¢ha®lie ÃÂ

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Post by caughtatwork » 17 June 04 7:55 pm

Hello, my name is caughtatwork and I'm addicted.

<everyone> Hi caughtatwork </everyone>

I started geocaching just over a month ago after a referral from a friend and have found 50 caches so far.

I go out with my two girls, G who is 4 and loves finding treasure and J who is 12 and thinks this sport is really kewel.

Working for myself at the moment gives me time to go out during the week with G (if she's not at Kinder) so I suppose I've started out with an unusual rush which will hopefully diminish soon as I've almost run out of caches in the west.

I have started to hide some out this direction for the benefit of the other cachers.

I started out with a borrowed Garmin 38 which was doing the job, but was (at times) a little frustrating, so went and bought a Garmin eTrex a week or so ago. The newer models certainly are more capable that the older ones.

Well, that's about it.

Thanks for letting me play in your sandpit.

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Post by Strono » 30 June 04 12:26 pm

Hi all, WOW what a awesome "sport", I had never herd of it until stumbling over this site....but ah....there dosen't appear to be to many caches out where I live (Paraburdoo W.A), guess I will just have to add some.
I work for Riotinto mining Iron Ore. I live and work in Paraburdoo, a small town built by the company...pretty isolated but hey, its a relaxed sort of lifestlye.

I like to go bush with the kids as much as possible...get out there and see, explore all we can.

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Introducing CrowMage

Post by CrowMage » 05 July 04 5:52 pm

The names Simon. I'm a Project Manager (mostly IT stuff). Married, divorced, 2 great children. Presently living close to the beach in Dee Why. Enjoy the combination of outdoors and high tech. Came across Geocaching from a friend in Canberra. Most of my earlier finds were in and around the Canberra area. Now that I've returned to Sydney I'm working on the caches nearest home and then moving in ever increasing circles to snap up the Sydney based caches. Other interests include Wreck Diving, Rallying and Kayaking to name but a few. Open to suggestions of teaming up on occasion with other Geocachers.

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Post by penguin_patrol » 07 July 04 4:20 pm

Hi Penguin_Patrol

PP consists of Tom and well which ever lucky friend i get to come with me when caching.
Bassed in Hornsby Sydney. i heard about caching thorugh my rover crew and i am happy to say i am now addicted.
There will be a website comming shortly

High Places
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Post by High Places » 16 July 04 10:17 pm

Michel Dignand, caching solo as my wife and son have this desperate fear of daylight. Bought Geko 201 a while back for bushwalking, discovered caching a few weeks ago. No caches in Wagga Wagga where I live and work as an Editor/Publisher. I posted the first one two days ago. Look forward to many, many more in the district.

Interested in designing new and imaginative caches... not sure how far one can go in this direction before being hounded out of caching.

Main areas of activity will be Wagga, Kosiusko National Park and Manly... all can do with a lot of caching development.

Cheers to you all,


100 or more tracks walked
100 or more tracks walked
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Post by Deco » 04 August 04 3:45 pm

It is ALL WebguyÂ’s fault!!!, And Sandy FeetÂ’s, for that matter. 8)

Hi just like to introduce myself, being new to this fantastic pastime.

IÂ’m Jason (Deco) from Brisbane. IÂ’m one of a few divers who have found this site due to SandyFeet and Webguy cross posting about it on WebbyÂ’s forum www.DiveOz.com.au

Hope to get out and play real soon. :D

Cheers Jason

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Post by Dernel » 05 September 04 7:02 pm

:D Hi there

Derek is the name, located in Sydney.

Interested in Technology (gadgets) generally!, and enjoy bushwalking, camping, amateur radio, golf, good humour and good wine, don't mind a Guinness or a beer either..or a vodka...

newbie at geocaching, but what a great idea.

40 yrs old, married, no kids only a cat...Jez Rasta Rapter...

I think we need more caches in the inner west!


150 or more caches found
150 or more caches found
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Post by Ebenezer » 06 September 04 9:29 am

Dernel wrote:I think we need more caches in the inner west!
Check out Brick Brick.

450 or more roots tripped over
450 or more roots tripped over
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Post by sui_001 » 09 October 04 8:30 am

hey all, I am sui_001 and have just returned from the UK where i spent most of my time caching.
i am contactable on icq as - sui_001@hotmail.com
I live in the south eastern suburbs of melbourne, and am currently somewhat dissapointed with the the writeups some of the caches in victoria has. but will forge on none the less :?
I generally cache with GF, who enjoys it as much as I do.

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