Where are we all from??? (introduce yourself) parts 1&2

For all your general chit chat, caching or not.
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Post by hedberg » 04 April 04 9:45 pm

Hello "Down Under", here comes an introduction from Sweden:

I'm mr hedberg, from "hedberg", we're a geocaching family of three persons, mr hedberg (32 yo), mrs hedberg (26 yo) and junior (soon 4 yo). We discovered geocaching thru a friend in beginning of august 2003.
We have yet only been geocaching in Sweden, but are planning on visiting other countries for it also. A dream is to go to Australia, not just for the Fosters, we are planning of do some geocaching as well... :D

We are also the editors of the Swedish E-zine about geocaching, we are also the owners of the Swedish Distributor of Geocaching.com products. So yeah, we are geocaching nuts by definition.

Have a nice day, and please... Can't anyone send some nice weather in an envelope to us? It is really cold here... :D

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Post by leek » 04 April 04 10:26 pm

hedberg wrote:A dream is to go to Australia, not just for the Fosters
We have MUCH better beer than that here...

It's all in how you get there....
It's all in how you get there....
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Post by swampgecko » 04 April 04 11:20 pm

leek wrote:
hedberg wrote:A dream is to go to Australia, not just for the Fosters
We have MUCH better beer than that here...
No self-respecting Aussie will drink Fosters, that's why we "export" it :wink:

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Post by Bronze » 18 April 04 3:53 pm

No self-respecting Aussie will drink Fosters, that's why we "export" it

Couldn't post the other on as it has boobies in it. But I reckon Australia's tourist to resident retention is so high because they try XXXX Gold, then VB, then Sterling, onto Harn then finally Crownies. By this time they never want to go home cause they can only get Fosters there.

The Bronze.
*Note: Order of preference is example only. Commonly varies on State/ location and Socio-economic status of drinker.

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Post by Alby » 23 April 04 11:16 pm

:lol: Oh I do feel Sorry for you Bronze....The exposure to the southern climate has been slowly corroding your QLD Morals!! XXXX , Bundy Rum are the only things tourists come out here for (other than the fine Aussie Boobies).

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Re: Fosters!!!!

Post by Team Stargazer » 24 April 04 12:58 am

Alby wrote::lol: [...](other than the fine Aussie Boobies).


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Post by C.A.S. » 27 April 04 1:10 am

Huh humm ... back to the topic at hand!

We are C.A.S. or the Chocolate Appreciation Society. I am Brenton (aka TimTam) and I work as the IT Administrator for a tile company based here in Adelaide, SA. I was introduced to geocaching by a work collegue (Shemozzle - that's his caching tag not his real name) who had brought his GPS into work. I foolishly asked him about it and after explaining geocaching, he offered to take the IT team out for a caching afternoon. Well I was hooked and started out as CafeLatte.

Over the next few weeks I talked about it with my wife/domestic goddess Alida (aka MintSlice) and we bought ourselves an eTrex just before the end of the year. We did our first cache together on 31 Dec 03 and now we are all hooked. However as I was the only one who liked coffee, we change our tag to C.A.S as we all LOVE chocolate.

We have three children Gabrielle (5yrs)(aka MilkyWay), Susannah (3yrs)(aka Smarties) and Jeremy (18mths)(aka Freckle) and we all go out caching as a family where possible/practical. They too like 'treasure hunting' and have turns holding the GPS. MilkyWay suprised me today when she wanted to take a picture with the digital camera and did a really good job at it too!

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Post by Mariner » 28 April 04 3:11 pm


<p><font face="Arial">IÂ’ve been through all of the posts in this thread, and I havenÂ’t seen any Canadians yet. Since a national pastime in Australia is to beat the snot out of Canada at the Olympics or Commonwealth Games, or any other sport you care to name (PLEASE PLEASE donÂ’t start playing hockey, ok? We need to beat the Yanks at that by ourselves) I realize that I will be cannon fodder for all of you. Seriously I enjoy a joke, so bring it on.<br>
I am here because of Dragons Lair's caches:<br>
<a href="http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_de ... 62d">Crazy
Canadians (I am Australian) at Tinbeerwah</a></font></p>
<p><font face="Arial">and<br>
<a href="http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_de ... 3c8">Crazy
Canadians at Ninderry</a></font></p>
<p><font face="Arial"><br>
which I am a small partner in. Dragons Lair and I worked together to create an Australian-Canadian themed cache (at Tinbeerwah) which was assembled here in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, shipped to QLD, and completed and placed by Dragons Lair.<br>
About us:</font></p>
<p><font face="Arial">My better half cacherunner has the most finds of any female cacher in Canada, so I have to work hard to keep up with her. I enjoy a cache with a view, so Ninderry and Tinbeerwah are my kind of place.
We joined as gc.com members in May, 2002.<br>
And finally, we don't like Foster's much either. We could send you some REAL beer if AUS customs would let us though.</font></p>



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Post by Phlosten » 28 April 04 4:36 pm

Howdy all,

I am part of Team Pi. It consists of myself (Andrew) Mrs P (Leanne) and our 10 month old unwilling participant daughter (Laura). Dubbo is where we call home, myself only being here 3 years (previously I called Frankston in Melbourne home). We have only recently joined the geocaching craze. We are working on buying our first GPS unit (after the car rego is renewed), after being lent a couple of e-trex's for a week by the generous Mix and The Bronze. (we had to give them back before school went back, shhhh!)

Tis a good excuse for us to get out and see the wide wonderful world. We enjoy camping and a spot of fishing, and also a bit of photography on our travels. What better combination is there :).

By day I am a studying/training as an Optical Dispenser while also studying for an Electronics Technician quailification. Mrs P is working on a Real Estate qualification and the little one is working on how to walk.

Hope to meet a few of you fellow frea....err wonderful people on our travels. Having family and friends in Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane we tend to do a bit of travelling.

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Post by Mix » 28 April 04 7:13 pm

Phlosten wrote:
after being lent a couple of e-trex's for a week by the generous Mix and The Bronze.
It was the least we could do (actually the least we could do was absolutely nothing but we went one better and lent him a GPSr) in fact that was no big deal, its easy to lend out anything you have 8 of.

<img src="http://img.groundspeak.com/cache/log/da ... b44dc4.jpg">

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Post by mtbikeroz » 03 May 04 1:40 pm

Ah yes, I'm the one & only mtbikeroz. <br>

I got introduced to Mountain biking by my 13 yr younger cousin 10 yrs ago, he now struggles, er, cannot, keep up with me. I've ridden in many forests in Australia, in the snow, in the desert etc etc. <br>

A few years ago, a workmate here in Canberra introduced me to GPS stuff. Again, I took to it - leaving him far behind. <br>

The perfect combination - a MTB and a GPS - just great for exploring.
I also ride to work, so a typical week means 250km for me on the road bike and then the MTB for leisure. I have conquered many of the highest mountains in the ACT on the MTB, several in VIC, NSW SA and more to come. Conquering caches on hills - no worries - I just ride up (as much as possible), but the real advantage of MTB'ing is you get to ride back down at speed, like 86km/h once. And I think nothing of a 200km round trip to locate a cache. (mad mad mad) <br>

And all that's worth a big Coooeeee. <br>

I also like using my MTB because it is greenhouse gas neutral, good for the environment too, and good for me too. Sorry, no picture available, but my little cartoon, says Spindoc Bob, looks just like me. Coooeeee.

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Post by miller3037 » 05 May 04 2:03 pm

:shock: Howdy (yes another newbie)
well you dont come any greener than me. My family and I live in sydenham 30mins northwest of melb

I was browsing Ebay one day and saw a GPS for auction, I ve heard about them things I thaught, lets put a token bid in "probably wont get it "

but guess what, I got it and a demand for some money,,,had to pay I thaught, got it and what a wonderful little device now I want to get myself and family right into this stuff but dont know where to start so I found this place.

well after having done some study on my gizmo I have found that I now need to fork out for accessories, like SDcards, software, maps, cords,plugs and a heap of other stuff (ouch) awell looks worthwhile

so if theres anyone out there interested in helping me and my family get started or has some usefull tips or info I'd apreciate it

I am pretty well contactable anytime using one of the following methods

Paul.miller1@air.gov.au (03) 86617942 mobile 042 999 0196 paulmiller1319@hotmail.com paul.miller1@bigpond.com

PS: I have 3 boys 11, 8 and a 4 year old

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Post by J.A.C.K.A » 09 May 04 2:37 am

Hello All... Team J.A.C.K.A. here...

Our team just got started caching a few months back. I introduced caching to my team and have been caching myself for almost two years. My team rookies have taken to it like superglue. We are having a blast and would love to meet any others involved in the sport around the sydney area. Look out for us we coming out strong. To find out more about us please visit our webpage and sign our guestbook while you are there!


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Post by GeoWombats » 13 May 04 11:16 pm

Hi there, we're newbies at this Geocaching lark but already quite addicted. The GeoWombats are Stephen, Donna, Hanna [aged 3] and Patrick [14 days old today!] and we're in Darwin.
Stephen came across the concept and thought it would be a good family activity. Besides how can you go wrong with being outside, playing with high tech toys, and playing hide and seek?
I'm the research queen which is why we have so many locationless caches under our belt, Hanna likes to find "presents" and Patrick likes to sleep in the car :D
I'm amazed at how much our local geography knowledge has improved already although don't ask us about Trig stations at the moment! :shock: :roll:

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Post by BobTheCacher » 18 May 04 3:35 pm

My names Bob. I live in Sydney and just discovered Geocaching over a month ago.

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