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Posted: 22 November 03 8:02 am
by Barny
Hoi Barney,

I'll translate your denglish if nessesary ;)

If you need help with the race let me know! I'm heading back to holland in March so if there are still bugs out here I can take one..

Hartelijkdank <img src=" ... cheers.gif"> <br>
Het is heel aardig een online vertaler.
Als de bug's er zijn gaat het spel beginnen
<img src=" ... humbup.gif">
Barny zonder e

Posted: 23 November 03 2:26 pm
by ToolkiT
Barny wrote: Hartelijkdank <img src=" ... cheers.gif"> <br>
Het is heel aardig een online vertaler.
Als de bug's er zijn gaat het spel beginnen
<img src=" ... humbup.gif">
Barny zonder e

Thank you very much,
That is very kind, a online translator. When the bug are solved things get started.

Barny without an 'e'

Posted: 24 November 03 1:03 am
by mrg
Hi there,

Michael here, I have been geocaching on and off for about a year. I am usually out with a mate Brad (when his wife allows), and we go by the names MRG and BJF. I came across Geocaching via a web, had a GPS (have done a bit of boating) and gave it a go. We would be interested in catching up with other Geocachers at the next social event or even joining others in searches for other caches. We are both based on the lower north shore of Sydney.



Posted: 25 November 03 8:40 pm
by geoaware
Hi folks

We are geoaware (Gary, FJ (8yrs), JK (5 yrs) and we are new to the game.

We live in Canberra for most of the year, but in Boulder Colorado for around 3 months each year.

I thought wthis would be a great way to get my girls out into the bush, meet new people and learn new skills...and most of all have fun!

So far we have met MarktheShark and The Hill 4...both Canberra based. I also know Spindocbob!

Its a small world!

I'm here too

Posted: 04 January 04 1:05 am
by djcache
Hi I'm Dave and I live in Shepparton in central Victoria. I'm pretty new to geocaching and have found a few and placed one. </br>
I love gadgets and was an electronic technician for 9 years before retraining as a paramedic.</br>
I actually discovered geocaching by accident. I was surfing the net looking for info on a meridian platinum (bought one too.) when I came across a post to the Magellan Meridian group on Yahoo.</br>
This guy had a funny story & pics - see link for a laugh if you are a Garmin guy/girl or a cry if you are a Magellan man/maiden.</br> ... /19432</br>
Anyway the post talked about caches and micros and I didn't know what they were, so I searched for cache and gps and hit and I was away. I did my first three or four with a mates platinum while impatiently waiting for mine to arrive from the USA.</br>
I look forward to a new reason to 4wd and travel with my wife and kids (girls 3y/o and 4months) and place some caches to take people to some of my favourite places.</br>
I look forward to meeting some of you around the traps.</br>
"It's always in the last place you look..."</br>


Posted: 08 January 04 11:46 am
by pprass

My name is Peter and I live in Wantirna South which is an eastern suburb of Melbourne. My wife (Cat) and I have just started geocaching since I purchased a Magellan Platinum GPS and got used to how it operates. It is my favourite toy apart from my Nissan Patrol. We like 4wding and camping and find that geocashing will add an extra level of entertainment/interest when we are out and about.

I would like to get together with some experienced geocachers in my area so that we can learn some of the finer points of the game.



Posted: 26 January 04 11:53 pm
by peakn
Hi fellow Geocachers!

My name is Paul and I accidently stumbled across the geocaching site around october 2003. I eventually talked my wife into purchasing me a GPS as a Chrissy present and have been having a great time since then.
I've also got the kids (Hannah 10 & Caitlin 9)along on a few but my wife thinks I am absolutely crazy.(Before she thought I was only moderately crazy I think).

Happy hunting everyone!!!

Posted: 27 January 04 1:17 am
by swampgecko
Welcome to the OBSESSION, Love your girls' names by the way, My eldest one is named Kaitlyn Hannah.

Posted: 28 January 04 2:45 pm
by GeoHarps
Hi there. We are the GeoHarps from Perth, Western Australia. Made up of Linda, Steve, 7 yr old daughter (Cache Queen :lol: ) and 5 yr old daughter.

Introduction to Geocaching was through sister (spiceoflight) who lives in Victoria. We have been members since December 2003 and have managed to find 9 caches so far (5 found by 7yr old daughter - the cache queen - pays to be lower to the ground and have perfect eyesight!)

Sister sent us Meridian GPS as a christmas/birthdays/easter/australia day/public holidays/queens birthday/new years day present!! (Think that is for 2004 only though!) Spoilt or what!!

Greatest things about Geocaching so far are the actual finds, and going to places you either didn't know existed, or knew existed but would say to yourself "I must go there one day".

We are only newcomers, and have so much more to learn about the GPS but we LOVE it.

Posted: 01 February 04 9:41 pm
by rav 4 raiders
:lol: Hi, We are Rav 4 Raiders which consists of the family of 4. Andre ( Alias Victor - you are a very unattractive man). Robyn (alias Sparky), Justin ( either B1 or number 1 son) and Rhys ( either B2 or number 2 son) and KUPA the Geopup. We are located in South Australia North of Adelaide. We have been interested since a holiday with OZGUFF (my brother) in North Carolina in USA September 2003. He took us all out for a few caches and the boys got really interested. OZGUFF bought the boys a GARMIN Legend and the rest is history. When they start up a Geocaching anonymous group I will send him the joining fees. We are now well and truly addicted. But who cares it's not hurting anyone and gives the family something in common to talk about other than the TV. I love the long drives, scenery, the history and the walks. The cache really is the least of my worries although I do get ticked off with those that trade down instead of up- as they say it is the hunt that is the main issue. We have set up a few caches and love reading the comments. This will be the sport of a lifetime if I have anything to do with it. Thanks for the sport - Robyn - Sparky!

Posted: 03 February 04 3:42 pm
by geoaware

Geoaware is me (dad 40), Fiona (8) and Jemma 5)...we are based in Canberra, but spend some of the year in Boulder Colorado. We are new to geocahing, but are interested in making them educational (its great to see the kids learn something as well as the great skills involved in finding a cache....


Hi from "All Cached Up"

Posted: 24 March 04 9:52 pm
by Cached

"All Cached Up" is Sam(antha), Alex, Jon & Ryan. Jon is 7 and Ryan 5. The boys are having a great time, and finally I can combine my hobbies to make them interested!

We're in Angle Vale, South Australia - obviously a pretty lucky place to live for caching :P .

I do a lot of Scouting, Alex puts up with it. My Venturers have been playing as well, they are Puma_Venturers. They are completely hooked (as am I).


Posted: 30 March 04 11:35 pm
by Dingbats
Hi Cachers,<P>

We're Scott, Sarah and Alana (10 months old) from Wollongong.<P>

I (Scott) learned about geocaching when it was young, probably through slashdot and forgot about it. Recently a friend mentioned it which promted me to visit the web site. I was excited by how much it has grown. Just the excuse I could never really find before to buy one of those GPSrs! <P>

We've logged only one cache at this stage but I think we're going to enjoy the past time immensely. We're heading down the coast to camp at Bendalong for the Easter long weekend and we'll put aside a day or two to hunt some caches in that area. <P>

I was also pleasently suprised to find another family that I know but see infrequently, that seems to be completely addicted - go The Rats! I'm going to enjoy scoring some of your caches, we'll have to organise a getaway together (when I finish renovating this house).<P>

I guess that is enough of an introduction.<P>

Bye for now.<P>


Posted: 31 March 04 2:17 pm
by Richary
Richary (Richard) is also from Adelaide, just me on this team. Have had a GPS for about 3 years when I got a 4WD (the GeoZook). Read about caching a while ago and tried unsuccesfully to find a few when I lived at Gosford near Sydney so gave up. Was reintroduced to it by Team Raider and Team Stargazer on the way back from a 4WD trip to Whyalla last October and haven't looked back. Finding it a great way to explore Adelaide and surrounds, finding places even the locals probably don't know exist!


Posted: 01 April 04 11:10 pm
by TeamAstro

joined under pressure from Mr Piggy.

It's John, Mr Astro of course.

clear skies to All.