Where are we all from??? (introduce yourself) parts 1&2

For all your general chit chat, caching or not.
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Another Newby!!!

Post by Explorers 5 » 10 September 06 1:15 am

Hello All, Just wanted to say hello. New to Geocaching, just started this week.

New Magellan Explorist XL on the way and Geokids have stocked up their cache supplies. Hope to list our very own Geocache in the near future and look forward to meeting some fellow Geocachers.

Have a good one!

Doug, Jeannette, Jade, Blake & Ryan.

Explorers 5

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250 or more caches found
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Post by wombles » 10 September 06 7:52 pm

Not really new, I've been a member for ages and went geocaching with a friend in New Zealand, and have found 1 cache here in Qld. But today I finally bought a GPS unit, so looking forward to finding many more now. I have a great partner and 4 children who tolerate my hobbies. They aren't terribly interested yet but hopefully when I start finding more caches thay might get hooked too. I live in Caboolture Qld and my new GPS is only the magellan explorer 100 mentioned not so lovingly in the posts above.

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Post by koalaboi » 03 October 06 9:06 am


I'm Geoff, a Central Coast shoolteacher. Got a GPS for my birthday to record Aboriginal Art sites around the local area and beyond. I stumbled on a "muggled" cache a few years ago: Two Bay Blues and found out about geocaching then. With a new GPS, Magellan 100, I needed to learn to use it before traipsing off into bush wilderness and geocaching has proved to be a fun way familiarise myself with the machine.

My Aboriginal site logging has proved really interesting as sites which are maps of country are lining up over quite large distances with other sites.

The geocaching community seem a really friendly and interesting mob.

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Post by juddwttn » 10 October 06 2:17 pm

Hi all, my name is Judd. I was introduced to the sport via a friend at work. I reside at Puckapunyal and have only been caching for a few weeks now. I am looking forward to meeting some local cachers and learning some more about the sport.
I am married and we have 5 young children. It is good clean fun and most of all free to enjoy this sport. We love it.
I own a GPS 12 and it serves me well. I rarely used it but now I am finding myself depending on it more and more.

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500 or more caches logged
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Post by jellis50 » 11 November 06 5:34 am

Hi Everyone Down Under
I live in California, have been only caching since May. I have 427 finds and 20 hides. I am using a Lowrance H20 and also own a Garmin Venture CX and a Magellan 100.
Haven't cached outside California and Nevada yet. But wish to do some traveling. Hoping someday I will make out to you chaps.
We have a cacher in our area who has cached over 17,000 finds and owns over 300. He may beat me down there. His cacher name is Team Alamo (Lee). I don't know if he has beaten all records but he sure is trying.

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450 or more roots tripped over
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Post by RedPaw64 » 13 November 06 5:47 pm

Hi there My name is Michael. I am 42. I am from the Geelong area and was introduced to Geocaching from a friend of my dads. I went out with him one day and liked it so I got myself a GPS and some equipment and have done 3 so far 2 of which were found. The other i am wonderig if it is still there. Geocaching is great and I am hoping to also meet some friends through it too.

Take Care everyone and happy caching

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Team Hylton
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50 or more caches found
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Post by Team Hylton » 28 November 06 8:12 pm

Hi all, Enjoying being part of the Geocaching community and have been putting up caches on GC.com. Up for a chat and certainly for meeting more Geocachers. Feel free to stop in and say hi if comming through Ballina. Contact us on MSN if your keen for a chat or to plan a cache run

Team Hylton Comprises of

Dad Matt
Mum Shell
Son#1 James 4
Son#2 Ben 2.5

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Hi, Let me introduce myself

Post by PGILL » 04 January 07 9:51 am

Hi everybody, I have been geocaching for about six months now and loving every minute of it. I am from North Sydney but not the North Sydney that you all know. My North Sydney is located in the Eastern part of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. (N46 13.152, W060 15.413).

My User Profile can be viewed on [geocaching.com ]

Best wishes for the New Year,

PS: Watch out for my Internet Caches, that can only be claimed using google earth, and geocaching.com

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Re: Hi, Let me introduce myself

Post by Damo. » 04 January 07 9:48 pm

PGILL wrote: PS: Watch out for my Internet Caches, that can only be claimed using google earth, and geocaching.com
Sounds interesting, but you'll never get a cache like that past geocaching.com 'guidelines'. Let us know if you get them approved. Good luck!

young bugger
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100 or more tracks walked
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hi all in oz and wa more so

Post by young bugger » 07 January 07 5:51 pm

ive moved to perth from syd where i used to cache with the old sod and the coastal bugger.. looking for new cache buddies, its heaps more fun with mates... can also be found on msn: kevtops@hotmail.com

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Post by grewar » 10 January 07 8:37 am

Hello all. I'm in Rosebery Tas, we get 120 inches of rain here every year. getting a signal on my GPS60 is difficult in the rainforest but there are plenty of magnificent areas on mountains and near lakes to plant geocaches.
Got to head back to Perth WA for work in a months time so look forward to geocaching there soon too. mark_grewar@yahoo.com

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Post by Donald, Daisy and Kids » 14 January 07 2:59 am

We are Donald Daisy and Kids (6 at home, 1 left home, another on the way)

We got into geocaching by accident really, I (Donald) purchased a Garmin Vista CX in early 2005, primarily as another man's toy, but also because I am interested in maps etc.
I also wanted to know things like road bends etc for my long distance trips.

I travelled a sh*tload as a kid and know many of the eastern Aussie seaboard roads and towns like the back of my hand but I always liked to see as much information as I could........ things like where old trainlines were, where old roads were, so I can take alternative tracks.

Anyway, I was readiing the manual that cane with said GPSr and discovered something called geocaching..... Googled it, and found GC.com, and later, GCA.

I then realised, after thinking back, about a work trip that required me to be in Rochampton for about 2 months in late 2005, that I had in-fact seen some geocaching going on right under my nose while I was taking pictures at "double head" near Yeppoon (Rockhampton) in QLD.

I searched GC.com and discovered that there was in-fact a cache at that location, and using google maps, I could see that the location was pretty close to where I was standing that day!

I read the logs, and saw the logs for the month that I was there (twice) and emailed the members, and they both replied that they remembered me because of what I had detailed to them about my presence the day they did the cache, (especially about my camera and tripod)

Anyways, now I reside in Bundy, and we all love to get out and see the world, off the computers, games etc, and do something that is fun for all of us!

Now I just need to be game enough and cut my strings enough to show the rest of the flock how to use said GPSr (read "MY MANS TOY")!

We are also curently planning some more caches to be released in the area in the near future.

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Coffee and Cache
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2200 or more geocaches found
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Post by Coffee and Cache » 28 January 07 10:11 pm

Hi - "Coffee and Cache" consists of me (Steve/Dad), Mum, Son 9 and Daughter 7.</p> We started caching under the name "SteveJP", after yours truly got a Garmin 60CSx for Christmas and I thought he's give it a go. Well, looks like the whole family got hooked so we need to make a name change that wouldn't suggest it was just me doing all this walking around with the GPSr. Since visiting cafe's seems to be an integral part of our caching activity, the new name seemed apt. </p>
Although we have just got into caching, I have had a long professional experience with GPS and vehicle tracking systems dating back to the late 80's. Still remember getting pulled over by a police car while testing an early single channel GPS which sported a rather large radome type antenna. When I asked the police officer what I had possibly done wrong, he replied "nothing, but I had to stop you and ask you what that thing on your roof is?" Turned out he was a ham radio operator and just had to find out what the strange antenna was. Recently, since we have started lurking around playgrounds, under bridges and climbing trees, I guess it's just a matter of time before I'll have to explain Geocaching, to another inquisitive police office!</p>
Regards Steve

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700 or more Caches  found
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Post by listmaker » 30 January 07 8:39 pm

Ah ha, no wonder I keep seeing your name, Steve - we live in Canterbury, the next suburb to you.

I'm listmaker (elisa) and sometimes bring along the reluctant spouse, my husband. He's great when a cache needs someone taller or who will stick their hand in a potential spider's nest . :shock: I've managed to drag my daughter along a couple of times, but she's 17 and like her older brothers has more interesting things to do.

An article about geocaching in the Age newspaper's weekend magazine a few months back piqued my interest.

Today I found my 57th cache, so am starting to feel like a real geocacher, especially as it was the final one in the excellent Damper series.

(how come the space between paragraphs disappears in preview and when submitted??)

(thanks, setsujoku, got paragraphs now!)
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3500 or more caches found
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Post by setsujoku » 30 January 07 8:53 pm

listmaker wrote:(how come the space between paragraphs disappears in preview and when submitted??)
put a tick in the first option below the box your typing in, that says "disable HTML in this post"

and you also need to change it in your profile, so that you dont have to keep removing the tick everytime you post something

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