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Posted: 27 September 09 11:28 am
by Bronze
I've been marking Geography & History (Yr10) papers all weekend.

Ok Geostudents. Lets have a...


13 Evil Questions to Drive You Insane. PM me your answers.
They either get harder or easier depending on how well you know me.

Stimulus: Visual
Question 1. :-k
1a. Who made this product?
1b. What was it called?
1c. When was the company founded?

Question 2. [-o<
-26º 08' x 113º 09'
-28º 37' x 153º 37'
2a. What is the distance between these two points as the Cocky flies? (to the kilometer)
2b. What is the bearing between these two points?
2c. From the nearest lighthouse go 89 kilometers at a bearing of 292°. Where do you end up?

Question 3. #-o
3a. Who is this guy?
3b. Where is he at?
3c. (33.78756519593202, -28.853745460510254) What is the connection with these co-ordinates?

Question 4. ](*,)
4a. What is this the international symbol for?
4b. ɾnuƃ ɹpɥʌɔzɹɐƃ ʌɟ ɥɟɹb¿
4c. .-- .... . -. .-- .- ... - .... . .. -. - . .-. -. .- - .. --- -. .- .-.. -... --- -.. -.-- ..-. --- ..- -. -.. . -.. ..--..

Question 5. [-X
5a.What is this cachers middle name?

Enjoy your cognitive turmoil.

The Bronze.

Fine Print:
Answer all locations in DMD.
This quiz lives for 7 days. I will post around Sunday 10.30am with your results, the winner and answers.
Post your intention to participate and general discussion but not any of the answers please.
Yes - they are especially designed to be very hard and not easy to find on the net.
No - I don't have any clues to give out.

Re: GeoQuiz

Posted: 29 September 09 10:20 pm
by Bronze
Any ideas?

...or did I make them too hard? :-k


Re: GeoQuiz

Posted: 29 September 09 11:14 pm
by Team Wibble
I know the answer to 4a!
The rest might need some effort on my part...

Re: GeoQuiz

Posted: 30 September 09 1:00 pm
by Big Matt and Shell
I've got question 3 covered, I'll have a crack at the rest!

Re: GeoQuiz

Posted: 02 October 09 7:12 pm
by Bronze
Two days to go. \:D/

PM your entries in.


Re: GeoQuiz

Posted: 06 October 09 7:49 am
by Big Matt and Shell
Damit! Computer was down and missed the deadline.

Do we have the results yet?

Re: GeoQuiz

Posted: 06 October 09 8:05 am
by paegle boy
CAN i call a geomate

Re: GeoQuiz

Posted: 08 October 09 8:23 pm
by Sonic the super bird
Okay, I have noooooooooooooo idea what the answers are to any of these. :shock: