Cache / Hikers log hybrids

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Cache / Hikers log hybrids

Post by The SBI » 25 July 09 1:09 pm

I'm considering hiding a few caches in the Gammon Ranges in South Australia. For those of you who don't know this area, it is a very rugged and dry part of the Northern Flinders Ranges about 800km North of Adelaide, It also provides some of the most difficult and spectacular hiking in the State.

I realise that if I was to place a cache in the area, it would have to be and ammo tin to have any chance of surviving the harsh conditions, let alone to be approved. My difficulty is carrying in an ammo tin, or even numerous ammo tins. The locations I had in mind were several days walk from a car, and there are no completely reliable sources of water in the park. There is no way I would be able to carry an ammo tin as well as the gear needed to hike through the area.

At the locations I had in mind, there were hikers log, containers containing log books which various hiking parties write in like a visitors book when they reach the area, Is it possible to use these as a geocache, and ask for people not to make swaps?

It's all in how you get there....
It's all in how you get there....
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Re: Cache / Hikers log hybrids

Post by swampgecko » 25 July 09 9:23 pm

My gut feeling is to say no. Hiking/bushwalking groups may get put offside by the fact that you have "hi-jacked" their logbook for another purpose, though from what you are proposing the walks are for serious hikers anyway.

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2500 or more caches found
2500 or more caches found
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Re: Cache / Hikers log hybrids

Post by Derringer » 26 July 09 8:06 am

I have walked the Gammon ranges for the last 20 yrs and can attest to their beauty and the difficult walking involved.

Also I had a cache "A ridge too far" placed in the Gammons for some years.
I retrieved that cache due to the drought, but have been told that recent rains have made walking possible again.
I have no intention of replacing my cache (due to current placement guidelines) but would welcome caches in the Gammons again.
My preference would be to keep Geocaches separate from walkers logbooks.
I would also prefer if the cache was a logbook only type, to keep the size down and to avoid the perception of placing "rubbish" in remote areas.
I have found that Sistema type containers last well, if kept away from the elements, and the goats.
There are many places I can think of that fit that requirement.
If you wish to have swaps, make it a multi, with the ammo can placed near an access road for ease of maintenance

Looking forward to some caches in the Gammons.


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