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'Inappropriate' cache locations?

Posted: 30 June 09 6:50 pm
by Yurt
Good day all. As a relative newbie I'm not sure where this should go. However I was wondering about the panel's attitude to caches that are seemingly placed in "no-go" zones.

I've encountered three already which I consider I was breaching some sort of by-law by trying to get to them. The first was in a bushland park but required jumping over a fence (not high or barbed wire but I'm sure it was there to protect the vegetation).
The second required a "balancing act" walk across a small weir on a creek which was wet and slippery and also required climbing a low fence. I think there was a "no entry" sign as well.
The third involved walking along several hundreds of metres of boardwalk in a wetland (okay so far) but the GZ obviously required jumping off the boardwalk and walking some 15m or so across the mud through the mangroves - there was a track apparent from all the broken off pneumatophores (breathing roots).
I did venture into the first cache but felt wrong about it. The other two I left alone. I didn't feel right at all about going where I shouldn't. According to the cache logs most others don't feel that way - well they have signed off without comment. Am I wrong? Fences and signs are generally there for a reason. In these cases it was either to preserve the natural environment or for safety reasons. Not naming any caches (in three different states).

Am I a wet blanket?

Posted: 30 June 09 7:12 pm
by Bundyrumandcoke
Did you find the only way in to the first 2 caches? Perhaps there is another way in that doesnt require fence jumping.

I dont have an issue with crossing the weir, as long as the appropriate ratings and attributes are in place. Come to think of it, if it doesnt have a "may require wading" attribute, then there probably is another way in.

And the mangrove one, well I own a cache like that, where you have to venture into mangroves and tidal mud flats to retrieve it.


Posted: 30 June 09 7:39 pm
by stealth_ninja_penguin
Well I'm with you. Thinking long term, representing the sport/ game/ hobby in a positive way (by placing sensible hides), being considerate of others wishes (such as obeying the signs) and using common sense is the way to go (for me). I don't want muggles looking down on cachers seeing them as inconsiderate environmental vandals (or something similar) because of 'bad' caches.

There are some who will justify that a sign said 'please' signalling a request and not a demand hence it's okay to enter OR quote some old law on right of entry to private land etc. I don't agree.

You may wonder how some of these hides ever get approved but the reviewers often get scant details (and are sometimes lied to) about a hide. It's not their responsibility to go and check the hides themselves and (I guess) they trust hiders to do the right thing. Reviewers have been known to archive caches after being made aware of an issue by concerned cachers so contact them if you have any queries. I tried contacting an owner about one of their hides but they basically told me to GF'd, so go to the reviewer.

Plenty of hiders have good intentions but just underestimate finders' behaviours or the appropriateness of a hide. I went to one in a suburban street the other day - no wonder the residents look out the window at strange cars pulling up in their back street.

Good Luck

Posted: 30 June 09 10:47 pm
by Richary
My feeling about caches is that if in a sensitive area the cache description should have details about how to get in there without doing any damage rather than leaving the finder to find their own way in. Unluckily of course not every finder reads and remembers the text before just letting their GPS lead the way and follow the arrow. Which is probably why National Parks in NSW objects to caches.

As for fences, it depends why they are there. Lots of National Park areas in Adelaide are fenced. But this is presumably to stop cattle etc wandering in rather than to stop people (there may well be a gate a few hundred metres down the road for public access). If they are marking private property it is definitely a no go, the problem is sometimes knowing the difference.

I think you are taking a very sensible approach. If you don't feel comfortable doing a cache then don't do it. If a safety issue then don't do it, the last thing anybody wants to read is that someone was hurt or injured while trying to find one. If you feel it is innapropriate because of having to cross a fence or something else then also leave it alone, and perhaps comment why you thought it was innapropriate in a private email to the owner or a log on the cache page.

In the early days I found one that was tucked under a grave covering in a remote cemetery in the Flinders. I didn't think it was particularly good and presented with the same situation now would probably leave it.

Re: 'Inappropriate' cache locations?

Posted: 01 July 09 12:07 am
by Rabbitto
Yurt wrote: Am I a wet blanket?
<p>Yes........but I am too.

<p>I have long been a campaigner for sensible cache placement to prolong sustainability and low environmental impact within our sport. It is a gradual message to get through. This forum is good. Talking at events. Encouraging words through logs (I am still trying to get the balance right). To cause no problems for the sport going forwards, we need to leave an area like we were never there.

Re: 'Inappropriate' cache locations?

Posted: 01 July 09 9:03 am
by Bewilderbeest
Rabbitto wrote:To cause no problems for the sport going forwards, we need to leave an area like we were never there.
Amen to that!

Re: 'Inappropriate' cache locations?

Posted: 03 July 09 12:21 am
by ruzzelz
Bewilderbeest wrote:
Rabbitto wrote:To cause no problems for the sport going forwards, we need to leave an area like we were never there.
Amen to that!

Posted: 04 July 09 3:11 pm
by mollypix
I don't like caches that are placed near public toilets...lurking around may attract the wrong sort of people....

I don't like childrens playgrounds either....but then if you have a host of mini cachers its all O.K.

Posted: 04 July 09 6:16 pm
by tronador
mollypix wrote:
I don't like childrens playgrounds either.....
A sure way of getting arrested when an irate parent calls the cops. Just waiting for this to happen one day.

Posted: 05 July 09 8:25 pm
by phillipsart
mollypix wrote:I don't like caches that are placed near public toilets...lurking around may attract the wrong sort of people....

I don't like childrens playgrounds either....but then if you have a host of mini cachers its all O.K.
I agree, with this remark, I to don't like caches in childrens playgrounds, including Micro's.

Micro's would probably be alright if there is a strong clue in it's exact location, therefore minimizing any suspicion by the adults of kids playing in parks.

Posted: 05 July 09 8:54 pm
by Richary
One of the ones I tried to find today was next to a playground. Pulled up, looked and decided "well that isn't happening" as the playground was full of kids. Playground caches I tend to leave until I am passing them midweek during school hours.

Posted: 05 July 09 9:01 pm
by Storm Chasers
I tend to leave playground caches till night time or really early mornings before the kids are out at play. I dont have a problem setting caches near playgrounds as it gives my Geokids something extra to do whilst out caching.

Posted: 05 July 09 9:29 pm
by Fuddley
Without caches in playgrounds my geo kids would not want to come along on the caching trips that we do, I say bring on the playground caches, Those without kids can always do them outside normal playing hours, or god forbid not do them at all :lol:

Posted: 05 July 09 9:35 pm
by Camstal
Ditto to all the posts about Caches in Playgrounds. I also hate caches that are in front of Police Stations and Court Houses...The Boys in Blue always suspect something when they see a few people lurking around the front trying to look innocent.


Posted: 05 July 09 9:36 pm
by GhostGums
Perhaps it is more appropriate that people who put caches near playgrounds put in a warning in their cache page that it is in a playground.

My kids want to do a cache, get a toy and have time on the playground, and as a parent it doesn't involve going to the golden arches. :D