[OT] Is it HOT enough for youse?

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[OT] Is it HOT enough for youse?

Post by stealth_ninja_penguin » 28 January 09 9:25 pm

In Adelaide today it got to 45.7 degrees with no relief in sight :shock: and Melbourne was toasty too.

Who has been silly, er I mean Motivated enough to go caching?
Who's living without air conditioning?

What does the word RAIN mean? Maybe someone in Sydney could answer that :wink:

The train lines have buckled and my painting work has taken a forced break. The igloo has evaporative A/C so I can sleep at night.

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Post by Landsergruppe » 28 January 09 9:37 pm

I went caching on the way to work around 6 am this morning, on the way home....forget it too hot :P

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Post by firesafe » 28 January 09 9:41 pm

I was out there today doing the beach caches as there was no-one down there today - too hot.

Counted about 100 people between Henley and Glenelg.

Team Rubik
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Post by Team Rubik » 28 January 09 10:07 pm

It was so hot in Shepparton today I saw a fire hydrant chasing a dog!

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Post by calumphing_four » 28 January 09 10:11 pm

Hindmarsh Island looks good.
Peaked at 44 then quickly fell away to below 30.
Plus there's the great brewery on the dock, and a few new caches.

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Re: [OT] Is it HOT enough for youse?

Post by tronador » 28 January 09 10:14 pm

stealth_ninja_penguin wrote:
What does the word RAIN mean? Maybe someone in Sydney could answer that :wink:
:shock: What rain? We still have water restrictions.
It was 44 degrees on my balcony last Friday. you have the heat wave this week ,we had it last week. It was 32 degrees inside my place for 4 days. Yes at night, no AC.
Went caching some days but when it was 44 too hot to drive to the beach.
42 on Sat but braved the heat, drove to the beach. The water was so nice and cool!!!!

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Team Wibble
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Post by Team Wibble » 28 January 09 10:31 pm

Did one cache last night after dinner, and it was still over 40 degrees at the time. Not entirely pleasant, especially when you know the cache is attached to and hidden under a metal object!

On the upside, I won the bet at work today as to what the maximum temperature would be - I guessed 45.6.

If I hadn't had a meeting to go to tonight I would have been sorely tempted to stay at work all night, and take advantage of the effective and free (for me) airconditioning.

Oh yeah, it was 43 degrees inside my house when I got home from work today.

Might try a cache or two by bike early in the morning this week though.

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Post by Richary » 28 January 09 10:33 pm

Have had a couple of hot ones in Sydney this summer, 43 on the balcony a couple of weeks ago (I was away last weekend).

But rather glad I'm not still living in Adelaide as the place I rented for the last few months was north facing with no air con. I think I would be checking into a motel for the next 2 nights!

Thought I had it bad visiting Brisbane Friday-Sunday. Humidity peaked at 94% lunchtime Friday (and it wasn't raining). Whenever I got out of the air conditioned car the sunglasses fogged up.

Actually, I think I would take Adelaide at 45 rather than Brisbane at 35. Might be sleeping under a damp sheet though with your current minimums.

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Post by CaleD » 28 January 09 10:36 pm

That's what I love about Melbourne. I was down there a mere 2 weeks ago, and there was one day with a top of 19˚! You can get four seasons in a day... here it's just warm, warmer, and then cool, cooler. No variation! 8) :)

(come to think of it, the 8) smilie is somewhat appropriate given the weather) :)

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Post by GeoScrubers » 28 January 09 11:25 pm

......and in sunny Qld, Brisbane reached a sweltering 30deg 8) 8)

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Papa Bear_Left
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Post by Papa Bear_Left » 29 January 09 9:44 am

Normally we Sandgropers sneer at your puny Eastern heatwaves but, apart from a couple of days up around 40C, it's been remarkably pleasant this summer, with temperatures mostly around the 30C mark.

It's nice to look at other people's weather and say "I'm glad we're not living in a hot place like that!" :)

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4000 or more? I'm officially obsessed.
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Post by traineediplomat » 29 January 09 9:44 am

I'm planning on a bit of a caching run on Saturday.. but an expected 37 is going to slow me down (or REALLY cause me to lose some weight)

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Post by delboy1203 » 29 January 09 10:16 am

Didn't do any caching yesterday as it took an extra 45 minutes to get home on Connex. :evil:
Did manage to do some gardeing at 10pm last night though - weeding by starlight!

Adrian Mc
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Post by Adrian Mc » 29 January 09 12:54 pm

I work outside for a living so have been starting early and finishing early but by the time you get home you are just too buggered to go out caching.
I have used the time to work out a few puzzles though.

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Post by listmaker » 29 January 09 12:56 pm

Too hot for caching for me. At the rate the garden's dying, I'll have some great wood to use for cache camouflage soon. :(

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