Do you have other Interests or Hobbies, let us know.

For all your general chit chat, caching or not.
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Do you have other Interests or Hobbies, let us know.

Post by Abodi » 12 December 08 11:10 am

Hi my name is Samuel, and have been geocaching for a few weeks now, perhaps a month and i've found 6 caches so far.

I've found that it is quite a fun hobby, as you are likely to agree. One of the best things about Geocaching for me, is that it gets me out of the house. gets me doing a bit of outdoor exercise which i'm fairly unlikely to do otherwise. This is quite strange, because i actually really enjoy being outdoors, walking and stuff, but the motivation to actually leave the couch is usually not there. So Geocaching has given me a motivation and so far i'm enjoying it very much.

I'm still very new and have my fair share of DNFs, i don't quite think my brain is in sync with a hiders yet. I guess with more experiance i'll understand better the likely places for the hide. Perhaps i should meet up with some other geocachers and pick their brains, watch how they handle the hunt. :)

So that me, but the point of this thread was to see what other interests or hobbies the people of GCA are into, so please reply and let us know what and why.

For me i'll list 2.

Videogames : Being born in the early 80's I have been brought up most of my life around videogames, My first exposure was an Amiga 1000, and well without that computer i'd probably be an extremely poor reader and writer (more so then now :D). Playing all those old games, and especially Adventure games like Monkey Island, Loom, Maniac Mansion and Quest for glory. This made reading fun. whoever though games weren't educational.
There are really so many reasons why videogames are good. but will admit that I really appreciate older games, they seem to place more importance on the gameplay, whereas newer games mostly seem to be about the graphics.

There really isn't much more I can say about video games, they have made me who i am today due to there heavy influence. but i find these days, that they are a supplement to my other hobbies rather then my primary past time. Time and place for everything.

Boardgames : Ok yeah yeah, stop right there, i'm not talking Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or Clue. Despite what you see in your local Toys r us, Toyworld or major department store, there is a massive range of boardgames available if you know where to look, and games to suit most anyones fancey. these are commonly referred to as designer games, with a couple subheadings being eurogames, Ameritrash, and wargames.

These are not your ROLL and MOVE games of old, these are games that often are very strategic, interactive, and can be very plot driven.
most Eurogames feature no player elimination, meaning despite the game length, no one needs to sit out.

What i love about Board games is a social aspect, i have a core group of people that normally come around and play games for a night. and even in australia there is a large amount of game groups the meet throughout the week in every major city.

I do highly recommend you check out, see what you have been missing, and seeing one of the best online communities i've ever seen.

So what about you? what are you into?

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Post by CachersTM » 15 December 08 11:33 am

Hi Abodi

Thanks for the interesting post. I was inspired by the link to and broke out the old copy of Axis and Allies for a game on the weekend. I am also considering trying some of the newer designer games out there.

Photography : My main hobby outside of geocaching is photography. I have a Canon 40D SLR and a collection of decent lenses. I have been a bit slack getting out and taking photos lately but intend to take my camera with me when I attempt some of the more remote national park caches near Canberra.

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Post by penguin » 15 December 08 11:49 am

I also pulled out the Axis & Allies, but unfortunately had no one to play with... :(

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Post by mickal555 » 15 December 08 12:48 pm

Well I'm an amatur astronomer and have been for the last 5 years, I guess that's my main hobby. (S.E.Q.A.S is the club I'm a member of).

I'm pretty enthusiastic about all science, and skepticism.

I also enjoy watching large amounts of anime... ><

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Post by wombles » 16 December 08 7:53 pm

I release books into the wild
I enter competitions to try to win extra things for the kids.
I spend heaps of time reading.
I'm also interested in family history and Brisbane history.
I love getting things in the mail so I swap postcards through and and I have a few penpals around the world.

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Post by Richary » 16 December 08 10:34 pm

Apart from trying to go occasionally 4WDing and getting away from everything (i.e. camping in the bush well away from everybody else - I love the solitude) I am also into radio.

Used to be big into MW and SW listening but haven't lived anywhere compatible for a while due to lack of space for antennas. and now I do have space am too close to the local AM stations. So have been playing with FM stuff. Have a serious antenna mounted at home in Sydney, and currently visiting my parents newar Coffs Harbour (back home tomorrow) managed to get stations from Wollongong to Brisbane using a portable beam and a good set, mobile out of the back of the car parked at a local lookout. With no special conditions.

Yesterday had New Caledonia and suspected Vanuatu in during the morning from the back of the parents place (antenna rested on the back balcony).

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Post by listmaker » 17 December 08 10:10 am

Hi Samuel, and welcome. I've never heard of designer board games - very interesting.

I'm a career housewife and when I can escape from home and family, I love to read, walk, listen to podcasts, garden, sew, bike ride (slowly!), and waste time on the web.

I also enjoy re-finishing old furniture, travelling to cute old towns and trawling through junk shops.

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Post by Abodi » 17 December 08 12:08 pm

I've always been somewhat interested in photography, but i only have a point and shot camera. I think with me make a consious effort to get out and about more, i may have a reason to look at it a little more, even if that just about compostion and stuff.

@penguin & CachersTM: You know i've never actually played axis and allies, just never been in the right place at the right time. A few years ago, i used to play alot of Risk 2210, but not so much these days.
Penguin, i would play it with ya if you were interested.

@wombles: Thanks for posting two different things i had never heard of before and There really is a whole bunch of these types of things, geocaching included.

@listmaker: Boardgames is also a very good family activity, and there really are GOOD games for every age group, theme, and game type.
My Wife and I like to play some games while listening to music, and it's some good quality time to play and talk.

Some games I own and recommend
(listed by complexity, Easy to Not So Easy)

Lost Cities
Puerto Rico
Power Grid

Thanks to all that have replied so far, i'm looking forward to seeing some more weird and wonderful hobbies.

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Post by kurrrajong kid » 11 January 09 8:00 pm

i rock climb, fish, kayak, bushwalk, canyoning, and i thiink theres a couple more ive forgotten

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Post by tronador » 11 January 09 9:36 pm

jay.trent wrote:i rock climb, fish, kayak, bushwalk, canyoning, and i thiink theres a couple more ive forgotten
Ditto, except for the fishing. But what I love most is skiing! :D :D :D

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Post by kurrrajong kid » 12 January 09 10:47 am

only skiied once but loved it. Am going again this winter with school.

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100 or more tracks walked
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Post by Knot_gillty » 12 January 09 5:53 pm

Fishing, hunting, camping, 4wding and footy. Get me outdoors and i'll probably do it. And playing with my kids!! Oh, and boating and jetskiing/wakeboarding/skurfing. I think thats about all.

I want to do up some old Holdens soon but don't think my wife will let me yet. Neither will finances.

And gaming- xbox360, ps3, ps2, nintendo 64 (old school). Love xbox live!! Very addictive....
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100 or more tracks walked
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Post by CaleD » 12 January 09 9:41 pm

Uni is a big hobby for me, one that consumes most of my time!

I also coach rowing of a morning during the season :)

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350 ? I am the lizard queen
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Post by Crisp image » 13 January 09 1:02 pm

For me it is Photography, XC Skiing (ski patrol) Other rescues (SES member) bush walking, have caved in the past, fishing and building (houses or furniture or anything).
Regards Crisp Image

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